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This is build meant to be ready for anything, its neither pvp or pve, its both, exploring the plants make it stronger pvp making up for the lowered beast how ever the beast make it also excellent pve.

This is more for a player who wants to have a bit of options, and strategy to use the right skill at the right time.

A trick for every situation. able to swiftly dispatch easier targets or disable and wear down more difficult and durable opponents. Able to grind at a rate to make others envious, able to scout at speeds no other class can hope to match to locate astral bosses, and able to to swiftly take out astral bosses by oneself if needed.

What is it i mean by a hybrid build?

I mean its able to handle pvp, pve, and duels quite well rounded.

Pve includes more then simply botting, the ability to take bosses/ elites on fast and by yourself is quite nice, an arden can do this because your pet will summon will tank for you, t3 summon taunts, so if you keep you keep your dmg down you should live.

Elites/ Astral /Celestial Vanguards can be killed quite fast by going all out, pet summon, charged bow attacks. Last night i did wild lands astral solo i killed 5 bosses in 30 minutes by myself and almost 12 minutes of that time were spent on trying to find the rat. Unlike other classes who when faced of doing astral alone might have to comprimise and go lower region, an arden can handle itself quite well in its own level region and keep a decent pace.

This build has 8 skill points and 2 tome points unused, you may apply these any where you see fit, either take those skill points and put them in moonlight for a 2nd maxed out double hit move (so you can fire while the tier 4 skill is in cool down) or divert those extra points into the summons if you wish.

Yes i got carried away with the glow feature on fireworks…

Tier 1

Phoenix Arrow -3 : Required to unlock Fox Shadow Transformation

Finesse -1 : At max it would only add 900 hp at level 150, gear can easily do this as well, and already taxed on skill points in other places

Wind Runner – 3 : Speed is good, as an arden you have no protection spells like every other class in the game does, so you need the ability to run when things get looking bad

Mash Slash – 4 : Aoe bleed useful to help clear a grind spot of mobs to start it at 1 at a time, or for just a tad of aoe when you’re fighting a prince or something, but mainly using this to unlock Burning Venom

Burning Venom – 5 : For a tier 1 bleed skill this is rather nice, infact tomed right its damn nice, and this build tomes for it. Who needs magmas when you got this, sure the dmg is limited to your AP but hey its still good damage over time, perfect for duel and princes (remeber this is a jack of all trades build so being good in duels is included) Its tome gives it a 30% chance to deal 10% hp on final tick that final 10% hp is not limited by your ap either, so when corrupt / snowman are back will be very good for them as well.

Fox Shadow – 7 : Hengen! *poof You’re a fox; Some people will question if this skill is worth the points, but don’t listen to them its just cool, run fast (which as an arden is paramount) and gives you immunity/ removes slow/ paralyze effects to make sure you can’t get stuck and easy target for some Vim. The speed makes it worth, this will remove any need for you to buy a mount and saves you that money. After you transform you’re a fox until you so choose to transform back.

Vigor – 1 : Again its only 900 spirit by the time your level 150 and thats if you max it, thats not worth 6 skill points, so just get level 1 so you can unlock you wolf summon.

Electric Dash – 3 : Max it, why? its worth it, as an arden attack is your main concern as far as stats go, this plus another tome you get later will be the equal to skysongs spirit matter and be like giving you an additional plus 3 to your weapon. A few hundred AP are always nice, because as an arden you should kill mobs before they hit you, increasing your grind rate, and decreasing potion cost and damage to yourself.

Dark Wolf – 4 : Most builds will say max all beast to increase T5 summon, but as this build is more hybrid and its pvp will be more plant reliant then beast just get it to level 4 to unlock the speed posture below it.

Fast As Wind – 5 : Max it, this is a must have, good for grinding until get your attack posture, and is good for times when you need to get around fast, fort war getting between fights (just switch to attack posture when you get near targets) and nice for those quests that make you run all over the map, and really nice for helping find astral bosses. NOTE: USE THIS, THEN WINDRUNNER THEN FOX SHADOW, THEY WILL ALL 3 STACK AND GIVE YOU A SPEED THAT NO OTHER CLASS CAN MATCH

Tier 2

Bloody Arrow – 1 : No reason to max this skill, as you’ll soon want to replace it, but its nice to have while other skills are in cool down. Still just get this to unlock other skills.

Nothingness Walk – 3 : MUST MAX Unlike other classes where its debatable to max or not, you really must max this one, after using it you get 30% dmg increase to next strike. Tomed this skill has a cool down of 40 seconds which makes it alot nicer and practical , use this and charge your next attack for a really strong hit. (note on multi hit skills only the first hit will be effected)

Night Wanderer – 8 or 4 : At lvl 8 it has a stronger effect and can paralyze up to 8 target instead of just 4. Though you can choose with this build to put some of these points into the swamp bull, paralyze 4 is probably good, but if i’m in a situation where i need to stop alot of things from following me, being able to stop 8 of them may just be enough to survive. —– I had to come up with 24 points for this tier—-

Ether Bind – 5 : This comes in handy with the being a jack of all trades thing. Why? Well If you have an enemy coming after you know is immune to something else but lacks good range, you can paralyze them. This can also be used for instance if you have another plant out and don’t want to replace it with the Night Wanderer, simply paralyze them instead to buy yourself some more time

Crystal Heart – 3 : Max this, one of the tomes in this build will give you more AP for every point you spend in passives (excluding finesse/vigor), and AP is just nice to have, you can shave this down to 2/3 if rather how ever.

Swamp Bull – 4 or 8 : This is a matter of preference. This bull stuns, and has a stronger attack then you so its nice to have, max in place of those 4 points in the plant summon —- Note had to reach 24 points for this tier—

I find no use for this posture, evasion is cool how ever you should be killing your enemies before they reach you as it is, there fore it seams a waste.

Tier 3

Moonlight Strike – 1 (recommend 9): Its a nice skill actually because its double hit. Does not needed to be maxed, this build has 8 spare points, i personally recommend throwing them here , this will be good to have when t4/5 skills are on cool down, we only really care about the charge power here, fully charged with lvl 9 skill will add 95% of self ap to attack making it a rather pain full hit

Spirit Sediment – 3 : Max this, instantly remove bleeds, and a 60% chance to remove any negative effects, tomed its cool down is 40 seconds, This will save your life more then once i can tell you that.

Dreaming Pheonix – 4 : Aoe sleep plant, whats not to like about completely stopping your enemy in its tracks? With tomes the plant can stay summoned for 60 seconds, there for they are basicly at your mercy, just make sure to not have your beast or pet out untill they are sleep locked, this will give you the time you need to use nothingness walk/array/Eloquence Lord and blow them away with a charged maxed attack

Dreamlike Song – 5 : Max this, it has a few good uses. 1. Stop an enemy in its tracks for a few seconds while you run over and plant Dreaming Phoenix so they are now trapped in sleep lock, note your pet/beast will wake them if they are out and hit your target. 2. Interrupt any skill being cast, to prevent them from using it.

Gilded Iron – 3 : Critstrike is always nice, plus remember that tome is giving us more ap for passives.

Mountain Bear – 4 : Its actually a very handy summon, this summon will taunt, to draw aggro on itself, thats why they gave it more hp then you. Get it to level 4 and unlock the attack posture bellow it.

Fire Aggression – 5 : Attack as an arden is just plain nice, it makes you kill faster, and lets you spend less potions grinding because of your super
fast kill rate.

Tier 4

Flame Steam – 9 : MAX IT, why? Well maxed out it adds 95% of your ap to its dmg, and it hits twice, a very strong hit.

Ardent Array – 5 : Ya max this, more attack power, and it works for your party, very nice for speeding thru astral/celestial vangaurds or any boss, and don’t worry the sp cost isn’t as bad as it seams we’re toming it down. Good for group activities though would be come too costly to grind with this on.

Drunk Lotusen – 4 : Aoe silence, its ok but seams to me most would try to avoid it, so 4 is good enough to keep an melee units at bay, and to unlock the silence arrow

Lost Soul – 5 : Max this one out for sure, here is a seceret, there is a tome that lets this attack deal fasting, at a 30% success rate, you land fasting down and silence a target, well they’re dead very shortly , and of course if they are silenced that too is cool.

Dragon Stun – 8 : This is one of the few bow attacks worth getting, it has a pretty decent chance to dispel positive statuses on your targets, turning big bad scary vim into an easy target, its damage is also nice.

Wood Spirit – 3 : More passive lets max it while we’re at it, and strong crits are nice too

Creek Turtle – 4 : Might as well get it for sake of completeness, and its good to get to increase power of tier 5 summon (though if you really want you can divert points away)

Again i don’t really see the need for this defense posture, at level 150 its only going to add 75 defense

Tier 5
Max it all, can’t go wrong here

Cloud Dweller – 5 : This will be your main killing move, at rank 5 its charge attack deals 100% of your ap as bonus damage, and it hits 3 times, holy hell that sounds painful. This plus nothniness walk/ ardent array/ Eloquence Lord / Charging it up, its not hard to see how this can easily blow away any one who doesn’t have an invincibility skill active.

Eloquence Lord – 2 : Max this of course, adds extra damage, extra crit rate, and skill accuracy to make sure you won’t be missing for the next 12 seconds. This will be a very handy dandy buff to have around.

Incarnation Switch – 5 : Max it, it also adds 100% Ap to charge attacks, though we’re not as interested in that as we are its effect, reduce the enemies max hp/sp to current level, after you done shot them for 6 seconds, not too much time but its just enough time to finish them off with say Cloud Dweller. Or you could use this and hit them once if they live, that show before it expires you can cross your fingers and hope you can land fasting on them, i mean there are a dozen ways to go from here, all of which are very bad for your target.

Whisker Tiger – 5 : It’ll be fun to have, you should get it even if our build doesn’t need it to kill, it never hurts to have another trick up your sleeve, and even though it wont’ be as pimped and over powered as other ardens who specialized for it, it’ll still be quite fierce.


Now to explain the tomes:
This build uses 46 tomes leaving 2 open tomes for your choosing, but i’m not really 100% sure beyond what we get what good you could do with those 2 points everything else good would require way more to get to, but ya back on topic here.

Flora Will be our main focus here, as it holds the biggest bag of tricks

Starting with the first row

Spring Prime, max it to increase your plant durations so that they match their cool downs, never have to be with out because of cool down.
Tiger Whisker, needed to unlock spring prime, how ever making your bleed plant stronger is a nice added.
Free Wanderer, Reduces your cool down on Wind Runner, very important., means only 16 seconds between uses of your speed buff.
Venomous Bud, This gives Burning venom a very nice added effect, a 30% chance to deal 10% hp on its final tick (this 10% hp is not restricted by your AP like the bleeds dmg is, so very nice against corrupts/snowmand/princes and other high hp targets not immune to bleed as well as very potent in duels.
====* Exotic Flower, This reduces the cool down of all bottom left skills, allowing for Burning Venom to last as long as its cool down for a recast right away, and plus other tomes also allows for re sleeping right as the effect ends, its very nice to have.

2nd Row
=*= Cloud Ride, reduces the cool down of nothingness walk, this is a must have, so you can re use that 30% extra dmg to strike buff, and as the athans version of charge already having a 60 second cool down, jumping around sucks, wanna reduce this cool down.

==* Dragon Tentacle, Increases range of ether bind, which is kinda short, the further away you paralyze your target the better use of paralyze , also this is required to unlock tomes lower down.

3rd Row

=*= Mystic Forecast, Reduces Sediment Spirit’s cool down by 20 seconds, remember that skill that removes bleeds/ negitive effects from you, so yes having that skill with as low as cool down as positive will help improve your ability to survive
==* Ten Century, Increases the duration of sleep from your sleep arrow for 6 seconds, brining it up to match your cool down for it
4th Row

==*== Champion Star, This increases your array distance and reduces its mana cost, thats a win win

===*= Lingering Tune, here it is, this skill will allow your silence arrow to add fasting as well and at a 30% success rate, , not only will they be silence they’ll now be unable to potion or use skills, all they can do is run, but ho

Credits go to Donut.

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  • Hello,
    I think some part of the Tomes are missing, because the text breaks after the Flora Tome :/ I finished the Flora Tome but have 9 Points left instead of two. Could you please tell me what I have to level too?

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