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Hi folks, it’s Savage over here bringing you a small Anub’Arak guide for Heroes of the Storm. The purpose of this guide is to show you a build that focuses on making the most out of Anub’s passive that allows him to generate Beetles when he uses his abilities, so that we improve our pushing, hero damaging, healing and camp capturing skills. The first talent that we’re choosing is Assault Scarab. This talent’s function is empowering our Beetles damage, so that when we get to level 7 (level in which we’ll choose the Leeching Scarabs talent) they’ll heal us for a lot more health.

Another viable talent for this Tier would be choosing regeneration master, but it’s up to you and your likes. n fact, this talent will give you more sustain on the early stages on the game if you gather enough regeneration spheres, but should get outhealed by the combo Assault Scarab + Leeching Scarab (from level 7 on). We just got to level 4, and now it’s time to start generation Beetles non-stop. We were already generating tons of Beetles using Anub’s abilities, but now, with the Legion of Beetles talent, we’ll generate them periodically. What we’re looking for by picking this talent is to have as many Beetles and possible, so that these little folks make damage and tank for us and, a couple of levels ahead, heal us. This ability can be activated and deactivated willingly, but I tend to keep it active all the time.

This is the key talent to transition from early to mid game, and when we start being a worthy opponent for anyone who wants to try to 1v1 us, but be careful when dueling against heroes such as Falstad, Valla or Tyrael as they can escape easily. The talent that we’re now choosing is Leeching Scarabs. This will make our Beetles leech half of their total damage that they deal as life for us. If you can keep a lot of Beetles alive for a good amount of time during a teamfight, you’ll heal up a lot, although you should note down that you have to be close to them for them to heal you. It’s time to choose our heroic ability. For this scarabs oriented build we’ll choose Locust Swarm. This heroic will help you have much more sustain in every teamfight, and will help you deal much more damage to any enemy that dares to approach you. It’s a really important ability for 1v1 skirmishes where, if you make a proper use of Burrow Charge, the enemy will have no way to escape from you.

For level 13 we have a couple of viable options for us to select, but our priority will be choosing Symbiotic Armor. This talent will give all our Beetles the same shield that we obtain when using Harden caparace, what will make them more resilient for a small period of time. Burning Rage and Chitinous Plate are both viable options for this Tier too, but I’d rather never pick Spell Shield due to Chitinous Plata giving us much more resistance. This is another Tier of talents in which the possibilities are pretty huge, although I tend to prefer Imposing Presence. This talent makes the enemies who attack you see their auto attack speed reduced by 50%, what makes you have even more sustain on teamfights. Anyway, there’re good alternatives like Blood for Blood and Beetle, Juiced. It’ll depend on you and your game style to choose either talent. We’ll choose Rewind… there’s other alternative. No, really. Some time ago this talent was a on the Level 16 tier, and it was always picked.

Now, with it being on level 20, it hasn’t changed at all. It multiplies out ability to spawn Beetles, escape, shield ourselves and to stun x2 if we make a proper use of this talent.

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