Hearthstone Tech Cards Win Games People

BGH is good right now. It’s good against Bonemares and stuff. I think BGH, Spellbreaker and Black Knight are all solid right now in almost every deck. Not even kidding. I’m running BGH in this deck. I’m versing a Handlock. Welcome to 2014(!) I’m running a Spellbreaker as well for the Twilight Drakes. Got the tech. I also have The Black Knight for when he taunts up his giants and drakes. Got the sauce. If we Coin Jade Blossom we’re accelerating to 4 on his turn 3, and not playing Spellbreaker. But we could Wrath whatever his 3-drop is, if he plays Earthen Ring Farseer. So it sets up for that. He’s going to be at seven cards, he’s going to want to tap so I think I just wait and Jade Blossom next turn. We’re thinking about it, but I don’t think he wants to Earthen Ring because he would be unable to play a giant.

So he wants to tap. Now he cannot play giant. He has a Happy Ghoul, that’s why he does this. Okay. My logic– I was like– I logic-ed this out, this makes no sense. Internal crying… Sometimes you get tucked. Well, at least he’s not playing giant, and we have Spellbreaker for drake. Why is– he’s rushing me down. I’m getting aggro Warlock’d! Well, he can’t Black Knight my Jade Behemoth and it contests the board quite nicely. The saturation…? Is there a saturation setting? I’m in high quality, man. That’s about all we can do. That doesn’t anything. I don’t like that. I’m just destroying it, there’s just black bars everywhere. [Charlton Heston: You maniacs!] [Charlton Heston: You blew it up!] That looks worse. Um, okay… What happened? Hellfire… Ah, I think aggro Warlock is running out of aggro. Because he is playing Handlock and he should stop facerushing me and start tapping. Maybe I’m just wrong, because all of his tech cards keep landing and it’s keeping him– it’s making this really bad tempo strategy just kind of work for him. We only get one 1/5 for 5 mana, so that is not the play.

Could have traded first and made 1/5s and then Wrath but I think that’s also not very good. If I take this trade I play right into his drain life… thing, so I want to take THIS trade. I want to save this second Wild Growth for cycling. Goddammit… Okay. *laughs* Screen is all goofed up. Just getting straight up facerush tempo’d by Warlock. He has tapped one time this entire game. Because he’s just landing Black Knights and shit. Because he’s just landing Black Knights and shit. *softly* It’s gonna work… Just out of steam. He’s gonna play Gul’dan on 10 too and kill me. [inaudible] …the deck just doesn’t do anything. Balls, man. [welcomes Twitch subscriber] We draw 5 cards…

So we discard an Innervate. I kind of want Innervate. *softly* It’s okay…. everything will be fine… He has already used Black Knight and Spellbreaker so pushing these is a little difficult for him. He didn’t play Gul’dan, whoo! I didn’t want to kill them, because then if he plays Gul’dan he gets a Dread Infernal and an Abyssal Enforcer back and then we lose. Right now he only gets the Dread Infernal, so it kinda makes it so it’s a little bit more awkward to play Gul’dan successfully. Now he’s gonna get more. We are so dead if he has Gul’dan. Maybe we can win. It’s good, I think? Ah, I’m not dead yet, that’s good. If he doesn’t trade again we got double Swipe lethal. That’s also a good thing. [inaudible mumbling] We have 15, 16 damage. Swipe here, Swipe there. Right, it does 5 here and then hero power. See guys, the current meta game is all about tech cards.

All about your Black Knights and yer Spellbreakers. That’s why we aggressively mulligan’d for Black Knight and Spellbreaker. They’re very solid(!). BGH as well. [♫ outro music ♫].

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