Hello! Zydico here, and I’d like to share my gathering route with you all for those who are interested in making gold while the AB multimap event is down! I’d say that by selling everything you get from this run, you should get at least 20 gold, and a full run on a daredevil takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.


General Information

First things first, let’s get some general information out of the way.

  1. If you plan on doing this on only one character (this is quite a lengthy run), make sure you do it on a thief/daredevil if possible! They are definitely the fastest class for gathering runs, so let’s be efficient! Have a shortbow in hand since shortbow 5 can make traveling faster (especially since it can be used as a blink to go on top of numerous ledges. Also, make sure that when you travel with shortbow 5, avoid landing it on ambients by accident since the blind will still put you in combat) Edit: If you want a build template for daredevil, here is what I currently use. Use Channeled Vigor after you have no more endurance for more dodges (it also gives vigor, or more endurance regen), Shadowstep for going on top of ledges or for when you have to go the opposite direction of where more nodes are at, Infiltrator’s Signet for passive initiative regen, Signet of Agility for faster killing of enemies and the active for endurance regen with the bonus of removing conditions, and Impact Strike for the extra gap closer since nothing else is really useful. Keep in mind that your dodge will remove movement impairing effects such as cripple/chill/immobilize.
  2. This run can yield a lot more gold over time if you are using a Watchwork Mining Pick. Usually you get around 1-2 gold worth of watchwork sprockets at the end of the run. It’s even better if you have more permanent gathering tools (especially harvesting since some are significantly faster), but I only have the watchwork mining pick personally in a shared inventory slot, so it’s up to you.
  3. Make sure you have at least 3 of each gathering tool in your inventory (including the one you have equipped), but you don’t need to carry extras for the gathering tools that you already have a permanent version of.
  4. Make sure to have gathering buffs! This includes gathering banners (if you can find one) and a 24 hour guild gathering boost if your guild is able to provide you with one from the tavern. Boosters can also be used, but they’re a bit harder to come by.
  5. Make sure that you know how to animation cancel your mining pick on the third hit. By this, let’s say that you’re in front of a rich iron vein. You would press f, see the first hit, see the second hit, and as soon as you get the third iron from the third hit, you would move ever so slightly in any direction or weapon swap to stop the animation (you already got the iron) and then press f again. This applies to any form of gathering, but it’s most used for rich veins.
  6. Make sure to harvest herbs (avoid useless nodes like leeks or taproots). This is especially important in areas in Ascalon, since you have a chance of getting peppers which can sell for quite a bit!
  7. Feel free to wander off the path. If you wander too far off and have to waypoint back onto the path, it’s worth it as long as you find nodes.
  8. Little tip here. If you finish gathering a node with a non-permanent gathering tool (3rd strike of pickaxe/axe or right after harvesting) and you notice that the animation was automatically cancelled, that means that you have run out of that gathering tool and you should equip another one.
  9. Don’t bother gathering green wood logs, silver ore, gold ore, any sort of taproot, lettuce, leeks, asparagus, zucchini, lotus, blackberry, and blueberry. Do gather carrots, onions, herbs, and truffles!
  10. As you are gathering a node, make the most out of your time by hovering your mouse over nodes on your minimap to see if they are worth gathering and map out your route in your head (don’t want to grab that leek). Plan ahead!

I will present these locations in the format of:

Map Name Waypoint Name [Waypoint Chat Code]

Additional notes

Primary resources


For the waypoint chat code, you can copy and paste it (including the brackets) into your chat and sending it will provide you with the waypoint that you can click for easier access.

Here is a quick line of chat codes that you can type out or put into a personal guild message for easy access:


The Route
Verdant Brink Jaka Itzel Waypoint [&BOAHAAA=]

Available to only Heart of Thorns players. Go north of the waypoint and drop down all the way to the bottom, avoiding any solid object (so you don’t die). There should be a bunch of flax that you can gather.

Flax, Flax Fiber

Dry Top Prosperity Waypoint [&BHoHAAA=]

Go up the ramp and there should be a bright object that you can go through which will give you a new 1 skill that shoots you up. Use that ability to go past the gap, and then use it again to go to your left. Sometimes, there will be an ancient wood node there as a bonus. Proceed and there will be another bright thing that gives you a new 3 ability that allows you to select an area and jump to that area. Use this to go across the gap and use 1 ability to go higher. Follow the map to make it easier. As an additional note, these quartz nodes are available only once per account per day.

Quartz Crystal

Brisban Wildlands Gallowfields Waypoint [&BGMAAAA=]

Ignore the silver ore and find the iron nodes and make a plan for which route to go. Make sure to get the rich iron vein. Sometimes, there are two rich iron veins in the area, and make sure to check the bandit fort nearby because a rich iron vein sometimes spawns there.

Iron Ore

Metrica Province Akk Wilds Waypoint [&BEIAAAA=]

You can use shortbow 5 or shadowstep on the edge before the arrow shaped steps so you don’t have to go all the way around. Example here


Southsun Cove Pearl Islet Waypoint [&BNUGAAA=] and Owain’s Refuge Waypoint [&BNgGAAA=]

Your main focus here is to get passion flowers from passiflora and blooming passiflora. Blooming passiflora have a 100% chance of giving you a passion flower, but passiflora also have a small chance of giving it as well. After you get to the north-east area, drop down and start killing skelk as you go down the coast, since they have a fair chance of giving you powerful blood and vicious fangs. As mentioned by /u/iPenguin_, there is an extra path you can go in the second map I provided to get even more materials. With the right spawns, this can yield amazing results, and it can be done quickly on multiple characters per day. Definitely check it out.

Passion Flower, Ancient Wood, Orichalcum Ore

Harathi Hinterlands Demetra Waypoint [&BKsAAAA=]

Go into the building and look for the rich iron vein. After you get the rich iron vein, you can also do a little bonus event if you want where you can kneel in front of the statue, talk to the NPC that comes out, and then interact with the coffin to do a quick event for exp and karma, and then gather from the chest that is nearby. Waypointing out is a little of a hassle since there are a lot of mobs, so if you don’t feel this is worth it, it’s your call.

Iron Ore

Harathi Hinterlands Wynchona Rally Waypoint [&BKgAAAA=]

Just follow the path

Seasoned Wood Log

Harathi Hinterlands Arca Waypoint [&BLIAAAA=]

Just follow the path

Seasoned Wood Log, Iron Ore

Gendarran Fields Provern Shore Waypoint [&BOQAAAA=]

Just make sure to watch out for the Veteran Troll if it’s up.

Spinach Leaf

Gendarran Fields Icegate Waypoint [&BJMBAAA=]

Ignore the silver ore and go to the rich iron vein (sometimes there are two). Glide off after the rich iron vein in the path provided to hopefully get some extra iron and wood. At the beginning, there may be some nodes that are underneath the bridge area and you have to drop down to get them. You can get back up quickly by blinking back onto the bridge, like this

Iron Ore

Snowden Drifts Snowhawk Landing Waypoint [&BL8AAAA=]

Watch out for the polar bears.

Iron Ore

Frostgorge Sound Arundon Waypoint [&BHgCAAA=]

Lots of monsters. The minotaurs don’t drop powerful blood, so don’t bother. Make sure to get snow truffles!

Butternut Squash, Snow Truffle

Fireheart Rise Rustbowl Waypoint [&BB4CAAA=]

At the very end of the path at the south, there is a butternut squash farm. Usually, to get to it you would have to go into the cave and drop down. However, with gliding and lean techniques mastery, you can go on top of the rocks/huts and quickly take a shortcut directly to the farm! Here’s an example of how to do it

Hard Wood Log, Platinum Ore, Butternut Squash

Diessa Plateau Nolan Waypoint [&BN4AAAA=]

Rich Iron Vein at the end of the path.

Soft Wood Log, Iron Ore

Iron Marches Sleekfur Enampment Waypoint [&BOgBAAA=]

Sometimes there is a rich plat node right next to the hero point. Additionally, this waypoint is sometimes contested. In the case that the waypoint is contested and you get put somewhere else, I would use this path.

Make sure to gather coral if you see them because they have a chance of dropping coral orbs.

Hard Wood Log, Platinum Ore

Iron Marches Grostogg’s Kraal Waypoint [&BO8BAAA=]

Careful for the monsters there. Should be a veteran too. Possibly two rich platinum veins.

Hard Wood Log, Platinum Ore

Blazeridge Steppes Terra Carorunda Waypoint [&BAECAAA=]

Mentioned by /u/backslashdotcom. This is an area that I had no knowledge about, and I checked it out and it seems to be decent.

Seasoned Wood Log, Iron Ore

Plains of Ashford Loreclaw Waypoint [&BMcDAAA=]

Might be a few enemies you have to kill


Fields of Ruin Helliot Mine Waypoint [&BEsBAAA=]

Rich iron vein

Iron Ore

Dredgehaunt Cliffs Havfrue Basin Waypoint [&BGMCAAA=]

Just follow the path

Seasoned Wood Log

Dredgehaunt Cliffs Hessdallen Kenning Waypoint [&BF0CAAA=]

There is at least one rich iron vein, but most of the time there are two. After getting the first rich iron vein, follow the path back to the bridge and either go around and cross it, shadowstep/shortbow 5 onto the bridge like this,

or climb the crystal wall to go north.

Iron Ore

Timberline Falls Serpent Waypoint [&BEUCAAA=]

A very long path. But lots to gather! Rich platinum vein at the end of the path.

Platinum Ore, Hard Wood Log

Sparkfly Fen Flamefrog Waypoint [&BMwBAAA=]

Another long path. Just follow the path (generally).

Platinum Ore, Hard Wood Log

Mount Maelstrom Criterion Waypoint [&BMkCAAA=]

One of my personal favorites.

Hard Wood Log, Platinum Ore

Mount Maelstrom Gauntlet Waypoint [&BNMCAAA=]

Another one of my personal favorites. There is a guaranteed rich platinum vein underwater near the end, but make sure to also check the very end of the path for a possible bonus rich platinum vein.

Hard Wood Log, Platinum Ore

Malchor’s Leap Pagga’s Waypoint [&BKYCAAA=]

Sometimes you will find ancient wood nodes or orichalcum nodes along the path. Get the group of elder wood nodes around the statue thing, and then do the Antre of Adjournment Jumping Puzzle!!!!! Seriously, it shocks me how very few people do this jumping puzzle, considering how easy it is and the really high chance of you getting free t6 materials from the numerous chests inside the jump puzzle. The entrance to the jumping puzzle is a small hole in the water, underneath the bridge. Here is a video guide by Dulfy. As mentioned by TehAn0mollie and DazedRabbit, you can also go north of the waypoint to get extra materials, and even a pact vendor along the way if you’re lucky. Seaweed is especially good if you can find it.

Elder Wood Log, Mithril Ore

These are not added to the paths yet and I’m just seeing if these are worth it or not

Queensdale Phinney Waypoint [&BPMAAAA=]

Make sure to get the copper ore on top before going into the cave.

Copper Ore

Caledon Forest Wychmire Waypoint [&BEEBAAA=]

Lots of enemies here

Copper Ore

Cursed Shore Meddler’s Waypoint [&BB4DAAA=]

Feel free to improvise.

Elder Wood Log, Mithril Ore, Orrian Truffle, and numerous other plants

And that is it for my gathering route! If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below or message me in game (Zydico.7958)

Thank you everyone for your incredible feedback. I have learned a lot from your numerous tips and it has made my runs a lot more efficient. I hope my guide was helpful to you in some way :). I’ll usually be on my thief “Katarina” when gathering, so you might see me often.