Hello hello,


Just dropping this off here. A project I’ve spent over 250 hours with for the past month.


Near pixelperfect World Completion routes. The few exceptions of where it’s not exactly on point is where I had to draw a bit further away to avoid clutter.

First I needed to get the maps. This is a lot more tedious than one may think since caves are not showing. To get that I had to manually walk into each cave and [screenshot, paste, cut, repeat] (I also had to make sure no vendors or my own character arrow was showing).

Once the maps were done it was time to make the actual routes. I started by Comparing the old maps (Dark Ronins) and gw2timer.com and then made my own route using those two as a template. Now it was time for the actual playing, where I did run the actual path as I filled it in using Photoshop on a second monitor (having the decided path on a third). Once that was done I logged another character and tested my route (quality control) to check if there was anything that were missed / overlooked.

If everything was alright it was time for the final polishing. I were working on multiple layers, to highlight if a path crosses with another one, this let me show which one is after (highest) or it could also be based on altitude (gliding above a running path). Also the first dot in a Waypoint path is on a layer above the default one. This is also where Spacers and Gliding Start indicators are added and finally the Oopsy Watermark!

Because no one else did this. There are older maps posted (which also gave me the idea). Not only are they outdated but also not optimized like mine. Then there’s gw2timer.com, a mess unlike any other. Neither do these two guides abuse Waypoints/Launch Pads or highlight Gliding paths.


  • The whole project has taken somewhere between 250-300 hours to complete.
  • I started this around July 16th.
  • The character(s) I used to make (and test) this were Engineers.

Don’t hesitate to contact me in-game for questions and/or please do let me know if Anet makes changes that affect this guide. I will keep it updated as long as I play GW2. If you feel like supporting me, I only accept in-game gold.

Hope you’ll enjoyed it!


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!