Guild Wars 2 – Raid Guide – Mursaat Overseer – Boss 2 – Wing 4 / 1080p 50fps

Mursaat Overseer is very different from other encounters. While boss actually does nothing besides passive damage aura, you have to deal with extensive arena mechanics. At the beginning lays on the ground 3 special skills. Players who pick them up will serve specific role during the whole fight. The claim will fixate picker as a tank and also give him ground target Skill what can remove one yellow tile every 8s. The player who picks Dispel will receive Skill what can remove protective shield from Jade Scouts every 18s and make them vulnerable to attacks. The player with Protect Skill can drop on the ground bubble every 3 minutes what will shield others from taking any damage even from spikes. Cooldowns of all those abilities are affected by alacrity and fight doesn’t start until all of them are picked up. The arena itself is a chessboard-like platform made by 4by4 squares or tiles if you want. Each tile can be covered by separate effects and if you wanna avoid them you have to move on another one.

Lethal Spikes spawn on tiles in specific patterns. Affected ones start glowing green. It takes 5s before spikes shoot out and kill everyone so don’t panic you have enough time to move. New patterns will appear every 10s picked from repeating sequence. There are 4 different sequences what changes every 25% of the Boss HP. As you can see except one single pattern in the last phase there is always at least one safe tile in the middle. Because of that is fight actually very easy and you have to move only between 4 tiles. Enemy Tiles spawn as yellow AoE once one of Jades steps on. Standing on them deals damage every second. Half of the arena is covered from the beginning and more will be affected once Jades starts moving. The tank can with his special ability clear one tile every 8s. 4 Jade Scouts will spawn on opposite side of the arena one on each lane. They don’t attack just slowly moving towards opposite side. Once they reach it they change into Jade Soldiers.

The soldiers will follow the player with Protect Special Ability and deal quite amount of damage with its aura and attacks. As we learned before Soldier will also spawn yellow Enemy Tiles on each square he steps on. So it’s crucial to all stack in one place, preferably on the tank and doesn’t move at all. This tactic prevents them from covering multiple tiles with yellow. Another reason for this is if Soldier dies on the Yellow tile he will explode and deal massive damage to everyone. Your main goal with this mechanic is not let the Scouts reach the opposite side and transform all at same time. The Scout can be temporarily stopped just by damaging him to 0 HP.

However the player who picked Dispel Special Ability has to strip invulnerability shield from him first. If you use mid tactic 2 scouts will be always stopped just by your AoEs so the timing of remaining 2 will be easy. Once the Soldier dies a new Scout will respawn and move again, but boss usually dies before he reaches another side for the 2nd time. So quick recap. At the beginning, 3 players have to pick up 3 special skills. Claim for the tank and removing yellow tiles. Dispel to remove shield from the scouts and Protect for invulnerability bubble. Spikes spawns every 10s with a 5s charge in sequences what changes every 25% of Boss HP and instantly kills. Yellow tiles deal damage and spawn when one of the Jades steps on them.

The tank can clean one tile every 8s. 4 Jade Scouts spawn on the far edge of arena and moves to opposite side. Once they reach it they transform into Jade Soldiers and follow the player with Protect special skill and deals massive damage with its aura. You can temporarily prevent Scout from moving by damaging him to 0 HP. Don’t let them reach opposite side at same time..

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