Guild Wars 2 – Orrian Pearl Farms – Oysters / Chests / Hearts / Gamble / Coffers

The Latest Living update came with tons of new stuff. Minis, backpacks, recipes and of course new Legendary Accessory Aurora. If you wanna buy them you will need new Currency – Orrian Pearls. A lot of it. Somewhere around 1700 for everything and that can take a quite some time. Fortunately there are effective methods how to farm them so let’s take a closer look.

Except coffers are all farms mentioned here a character bound. That means you can repeat them once per day with each character on your account. The easiest way is gathering Oysters. Each one has guaranteed Pearl inside plus some bonus loot. There are like 50 possible spots but only around 20 Oysters will spawn per map. A daily limit per character is a little bit higher than that so you can change instance if you wanna be super efficient. Luckily, they don’t spawn all over so you can follow this nice Oyster/Chest route I’ve been using. Gather next to waypoint and swim north under the jumping puzzle. Continue west to Lyssa Reliquary, then back south near waypoint and west along the shore. Port to the Melandru, run over the hills thru Grenth and then just a few steps north and west. After that port to Balthazar and go down to Dwayna.

Oysters are always along this route and have its own icon on the minimap so they are really hard to miss. Another way are Waterlogged chests. Unlike Oysters they don’t have an icon on the minimap but have fixed spots, are always there, and you don’t need any keys to open them. The only downside is that drop chance for Pearls is only like 30% or so, but it can occasionally drop more than one, plus other loot. In my opinion, it’s not worth to run somewhere far only for one chest but lots of them are close to my Oyster route so you just pick them along the way. I’ve also made The Oysters and Chests marker pack for TacO if you prefer it, a link to download is down below. Markers have behavior set.

Once you press F for gathering they disappear till daily reset and it’s separate for each character. Hearts are really quick here and each provides 3 Pearls for some karma so 15 Pearls per character in total. A Guy named Diego Veka, a link is down below, found a way how to fill them really quickly. It works the same way for all of the Hearts. Kill Ley-Line Scavenger, pick up his spark thingy and use skill 4 to send orb of energy to a nearby pillar. The trick is that further from pillar you are the more of the Heart will be filled. Usually, on the max range, you have to do it only twice. I’ve tweaked some of Diego’s spots to make them a little bit safer.

You can see them now on the screen and spots are also included in my TacO marker pack. If you participated in Meta events along the way, go to Abbadon’s Reliquary and jump inside that big hole. There are 10 chests but you can open only one. Or 2 if you pay extra gold to nearby NPC. Those chests can drop up to 51 Pearls if you are lucky. The last way how to get few extra Pearls are Orrian Coffers. They cost 1 Pearl each but you will get always at least one pearl back once you open them amongst other loot. They are sold by merchants at each reliquary but available only after you participate in nearby meta events. You can buy up to 8 Coffers per one meta cycle what reset every 30 minutes. You can also get pearls from bosses and events but it’s worth only when you run around and they are already spawned..

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