Guild Wars 2 – Multiwood Farm – Quick Guide – Profit up to 40 Gold per hour

Multiwood farm is here for ages. Its popularity rises and drops with a price of elder wood. If you have everything set, profit can be more than 40g per hour. The farm itself is incredibly simple. You just move yourself to this specific spot in Malchor’s Leap and chop 5 trees around the statue. That’s it, you are rich. The most annoying part is actually getting there especially with low-level characters since they can chop as well. The fastest way is ofc Teleport to Friend if you have some. On foot port to Lion’s Arch, then south thru Bloodtide Coast, Sparkfly Fen, Straits of Devastation to Malchor’s Leap.

Trees will always respawn at the same place every hour, per map, per character. So the goal is to move here all alts you have and it’s not even bad idea to buy more character slots as well. The amount of required slots can be reduced if you join so called Multiwood squads. If there is none on LFG just go to the spot and ask, there will be some for sure. Purpose of those squads is simple. Ppl are spread across multiple instances so you can join and chop on more than one map per character. In average they have 3 maps, but even with this help, you will still need around 40 characters to perma chop for maximum profit. There are 2 different types of squads and you have to follow the rules if you don’t want to end up kicked. The first type is lobby based. Group 1 in squad serves as a lobby and other groups are specific for each map. Every time you want to change the map, you have to move to the lobby, join other map and then move back to new map group. Don’t join new maps if you are in map group and don’t stay in the lobby for too long or you will get kicked.

The second type, so called anchored squad is more convenient but also much rarer. The principle is basically the same but instead of groups where you have to move, everyone stays in a lobby and join on a single player in each locked group. Those are players who willingly stays on one map or just someone with multiple accounts who serves this purpose.

There are other ways how to make this farm more efficient if you have enough characters. Quickness makes you chop faster. Gathering buffs slightly increase your bonus income with few extra logs and jewel bags. Take at least 24 hours one from guild tavern. Craft your logs into the planks before you sell them for small extra profit. What you also want is the fastest possible loading. Even with SSD you should remove ReShade and make some speeding up preparations. You can find more details about that in my FPS guide, a link is now on the screen on down below. If you recently bought Unbound Gathering Tools, you should definitely use your shared inventory slots and swap axe between characters.

This way you will get over 5k unbound magic per hour on top of the wood. If you change them for Magic Wrapped bundles it can be 100 extra T6 mats per hour..

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