Here is my hastily compiled list of quick ways to get your PvE daily done.


It has gotten to a point where I only log in to do dailies for the laurels so if you’re in the same situation, this is for you.

Feel free to share some of your own.

Getting these done should merely take 10 to 20min, depending on how much you alt-tab out of boredom while waiting for respawns.

Recycler: Buy a full stack of a salvageable item such as hard leather straps, keep in bag.

Cond remover: Karka spit barrage applies cripple each hit, go get pounded by one and spam cond removal. (CAUTION ELES: A FULL BARRAGE WILL LIKELY KILL YOU)
If you’re scared of karkas, there are some spiders in Gendarran – east of the entrance to LA in a small forested area.

Skill interrupter: Those mobs mentioned above are easy to interrupt. Personally, I run around Southsun Shoals and daze any karkas trying to unload their barrage, without killing ‘em to save time unless there’s daily kills/krytan kills. Yeah, SS is a part of the Kryta region.

Daily leveler: Run any quick dungeon path.

Cond applier: idk, just target smth and press some random buttons, you have a wide selection of 1-5.

Dodger: Dodge karka spit barrage.
An alternative for those with karkaphobia: Dodge the cripplinggroundelestaffnumber4skill the earth elementals use outside Black Citadel in Plains of Ashford, they’re above the vault or smth.

Daily kills: Go on a rampage in any low lvl zone, the Queensdale swamp is a nice place filled with squishy fireflies and other pests. Perhaps find some wolves that summons additional ones, barracudas does that as well I think. Line ‘em up then wtfpwn and you’ll have 50 kills in no time.

Daily zone-specific/aquatic kills/: Same as above, go nuts in lowbie zones.

Ambient Killer: Plenty of stuff in QD swamp, especially in the middle scattered around the house.

Skill pt accumulator: Save all scroll of knowledge you get, I always keep a stack in my bags.

Gatherer: Get the stuff in your home instance (assuming you have some nodes), there’s always a rich copper vein in the ettin cave near oak in QD or w/e fav spot, these are my usual destinations.

Events: Anyone know some spot with lots of events for that daily? They usually take too much time/too boring tho.

Reviver: Same as above: boringtimeconsuming, if you insist or simply enjoy ressing, goto the reactor where the fire ele spawns – wow, how could the name of that place slip my mind. However, I’m sure there are probably way better and less crowded spots.

Happy dailying


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!