Guide Submission

Do you have any guides that you want to submit to the gaming community?

We have hundreds of games that we are constantly providing guides for and unfortunately it’s hard to keep track of new guides or updates for all of these games. We need your help creating the largest free to play mmorpgs guide site on the net!

You can post the link to a guide that you want featured on our site in the form below. If you have not posted your guide anywhere else on the web you can contact us in the form below and ask us to allow for a file attachment that you can send to us after we reply back with approval. If you have a Website, Guild Site, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch.TV stream or any other attribution link make sure to include it in your Guide! We want to make sure that your followers can critique the guide and give feedback if possible directly to you.

Guide Submission Instructions:

  • Please submit guides that are around 3k words or longer, please provide some analysis and not just a link to a YouTube video guide.
  • You may submit links or guides from the official game forum, but please do not copy, link, or take credit for a guide on another site unless you are the official author of the guide.
  • Please provide the name of the game you are submitting the guide for in the subject line… don’t forget!