Things to Do In GTA V – Achievement Knievel

GEOFF: Alright, so is everybody ready? RAY: Yeah MICHAEL: So what GEOFF: This is Things To Do in Grand Theft Auto V MICHAEL: (laughing) Is this ‘da bus?’ RAY: Is that how you spell Knieval? GEOFF: I was playing around with death and uh- MICHAEL: What’s up, Ray? RAY: Is that how you spell Knieval? MICHAEL: Yeah GEOFF: (continuing) with job creations – (answering Ray) Yeah, I had Jack look it up JACK: (aside) ‘Da bus’ MICHAEL: It is. GEOFF: (continuing) An, uh, he once jumped the snake river JACK: He did! GEOFF: We’re going to jump, uh some… buses. MICHAEL: He jumped a lot of things GEOFF: (agreeing) He jumped a lot of stuff.

MICHAEL: He probably jumped some buses, right? GEOFF: He jumped a shark. RAY: (loudly) Someone say we’re gonna jump ‘da bus.’ JACK: Did somebody make the rocket things that didn’t make it? MICHAEL: Fonzie jumped the shark GEOFF: Fonzie – Fonzie jumped the shark. JACK: And made a lot of money. GEOFF: So anyway, what I did was, I was fucking around with the death match settings and I decided to see if we could jump a bunch of buses, and do a cool stunt jump thing in a … fuckin’ … Beejay Yada-yada-yada in different cars, whatever, shut up You guys ready? RYAN: Good explanation, Geoff! MICHAEL: Okay? You just kind of trailed off there, Geoff. GAVIN: What? GEOFF: Eh, you didn’t shut up. Alright, don’t kill each other and, uh…

JACK: So, grab whatever you want? MICHAEL: What are we doing? RYAN: So, pick a car, right? GEOFF: Yeah, just pick a car and lets see if you can jump the fuckin’… RYAN: (loudly) Uh… RAY: I was gonna say “Is there a car anywhere?” RYAN: I’m gonna Biff. JACK: Are we ready? Can we just go? MICHAEL: Aw yeah! JACK: Just do it? MICHAEL: Ray, look! A bicycle! Ooh god – GEOFF: I’m gonna get up on top and – I wanna get on top and watch this RAY: Yeah, damn right I’m using the bicycle. MICHAEL: Yeah, you just go. RYAN: Alright. RAY: Alright. MICHAEL: Yeah, you just go. MICHAEL: Ope, nevermind. JACK: I’m gonna do a run that you do like where you go… GEOFF: I’m gonna – I’m do some sweet camera stuff.

JACK: …and then you go past it. RAY: How do you jump on a bike? JACK: And you do like, what the stuntmen do. RYAN: Yeah, yeah you gotta loop around, get some speed. MICHAEL: (to Ray) L – Right bumper stick. Hold right bumper stick. RAY: (shouting) OH! GEOFF: (loud) OH SHIT! [GAVIN laughing] MICHAEL: Ray, your bike went fucking flying. GEOFF: That bike went far as fuck! RAY: Let me go get that back [GAVIN laughs] MICHAEL: I’m gonna get a run up. GEOFF: Holy fuckin butts, dude. RYAN: Alright RAY: I can’t shoot Gavin, god dammit.

GEOFF: Can’t get up on the RAY: I was gonna hit him with a rocket when he was by the buses. JACK: That’s a good amount of buses there RYAN: Here we go. I’m comin’ in. GEOFF: There’s ten buses. RYAN: Gonna make a jump. GEOFF: (makes a noise that kind of sounds like he’s throwing up) I can’t get up on the… JACK: Good luck! MICHAEL: Hwuh! RYAN: Uhhhhh……Oh god MICHAEL: Uhh- RYAN: WHOA! JACK: WHOA! MICHAEL: Almost made it! GEOFF: Whoa! MICHAEL: I mean, I made it across, but uh… Where the fuck is my bike? 0 I made it to No out hey bud undone by jumper second only to have it as a rock and a smile in our model are you Michael hey we got like four seconds combated hey there’s a bus on this and I had to get it was a plaintiff early I’m gonna jump to try the bus go this go on Michael you well like me she Almeida I’m anyone about yeah bottling up the oil company clear that some Jackie yeah hurry for no I hope the last bus bomber I don’t crop of final bill i buy time or another dimension I here up someone’s driving a bias yeah meal on a riderless hello there ya go back up toward her start somewhere in the city only if they are fuckin cinema fuckin night sweet Instagram she gonna my phone I’m gonna try again burma I okay yeah square I’m shining and Jeff are you looking to go I decided when you get my camera here comes the bus good luck gathered up in the way firstly %uh the London Eye a find a real radical area a but he’s more speed right about GOP a gear am a subject propelling a law for I Well, I’ve found my bike.

I think I wedged it eleven buses now to jump first time I’ve been on a bike O shit kevin push woohoo I’m going to do the same thing whoa shit I survived now States yeah he was sorry on your best pick a little tired there’s a There’s a bus on top My legs Au Jesus I’m stuck Let’s try the motorcycle barrel roll on the busses That did not work au fucking car god dammit here we go Are you ready for the best shot of the whole video? What side are you going,? Here I go! shit. (friends laughing at fail.) make it up the ramp? Ever jumped over like 2 buses? I’m going to get down there mu Obama oldest over Gavin of O shit We can do more than ten buses huh? yeah I want to get under I’m going to get under these buses and see Do this wheely Are you in there, Jeff ? Try a barrel roll . o shit should I jump at the jet? yes, that would be cool less all Carmichael you probably do it jumped all over delivery City I actually landed I’m going to get the jet now he was in the LC you could land on johnnie he’s a what what element far from here as marital really get yourself britain at the LC for me Almost made it You guys get up the side of the jet.

I’m gonna fly from the other directions you ever wanna so were the jealous part up pot so you dry start on that and I just want to get on the bus 0 little to get up on the bus I do it me he’s a clear you That was perfect Fly over me I’m gonna fly I’m gonna car care the way a car I gotta have jump on are am on my way make it the other way to get a the possum I don’t drop that happening O god I was assasinated Where did the bike go? It’s gone.

Me? Did I run you over? Allright, here we go Oops, I did not see you Really?! I’m sorry Shit That was cool I am on top of the top bus Who’s jumping? almost 100 get to It looks like he probably shit his pants Good idea Somebody tell me if they go from the starting area or the other side Everybody should go for the jet side Ok, are you ready? a generous O god, hahahaha I’m on my way you think so I’m gonna go down on the way God dammit there’s a bike on the fucking ramp What’s happened there? I us is gone for the top now you do it I didn’t die Did I hit you? Did you hit me? helicopter There’s eleven buses now me I’ve me too I’m going to get back up there cup million in the year-ago woa landed Now it’s eleven buses and a viaggio a boy I’m on my way that side or uh I’m going to try jumping with plane 2 seconds away Ah shit Woa mean you weird my Guys, the buses are gone Awesome (I died) It looks like a wave of explosions how awesome is that? I didnt see much of it from my perspective ellicott yeah It looks like the end of the world 31 my go my corp make it OSU rocket company I now alright just 0 drivers seat Well, uh We did it afternoon at like 10 sectors restart tried to that job you have your And more buses Valentine’s Day was it is a big deal is a good night have an advantage is my car either that’s why it stopped her alright so what’s up ok I i’m gonna get hit and run you over me out O brutal I’m still under the vehicle Get on top of that hill again allright radio neighbors at the same time train hit the left side yes whole entire 3 2 1 go Paul II I’ll call for me I my my purple this car sucks woa shit what do you think, ? There goes the jet where all much better from football over I’ll well have large-scale up Alright so, is everbody ready? somebody get up on I am on my way *woosh* here we go hit the ramp woa Everybody’s gone and the jet arrives cause practice round remarkable war alright we can back up more if you want one more time you have the whole sky all get a row and just job continuously will go under 10 yeah or throw it around them to I always something definitely while just hit the first person will die less no idea also a lot I wanna go three seconds error to second that you get my beer after asking I know time turning around I got anywhere you back the boilers up with me.

Knots the cars like porno are alright Ready? go up I holy shit I drove six inches I’m passing the first bus, go over the middle and low like a alright It’s tough to judge timing Look at a clock Did we start right here last time, Michael? *Ray noises* Do that again; give us about… Ten more seconds Five-Five seconds Go alright okay head towards it Ray, your car is slow as shit. Yeah it is. My apologies %uh Woom. WHOA! Holy shit! I’m still in the air! Woom. WHOA! Holy Shit! I’m still in the air! Woom. WHOA! Holy shit! I’m still in the air! 0 pie care in him there you by I’m still in the air! I’m flying! THAT WAS THE GREATEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! HOW DID I DIE?! Holy shit! That’s a things to do I just landed Things to do – done! Let’s stop

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