Initial D AE86 (Karin Futo) : GTA V Custom Car Build

How’s it going guys today’s Grand Theft Auto Custom Car build is based on one of the unique vehicles in the game. To the untrained eye this little car might look like an old banger your granny drives around but all you petrol heads out there will recognise it as the little Hachiroku. The little Toyota AE86 which is popular in Japanese street racing scenes. All the custom cars I’ve made so far as part of this video series have been based on famous movie cars and nothing has changed in this episode with the AE86 being made famous through the Initial D animated manga series and movie.

If I’m honest I haven’t actually seen the full Initial D movie or the full animated episodes I’ve only seen odd clips on YouTube, but I’m definitely familiar with the AE86 from the Best Motoring and Hot Version Japanese TV shows I used to watch on DVD, featuring the drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya who drives one of these little things himself. If you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about and you want to see why these little AE86 cars are so cool then search YouTube for Touge Showdown and enjoy the break neck speed and crazy footwork of these drivers as they race down narrow mountain roads. So I think that’s enough of an introduction to the AE86. The vehicle in game that represents this car is known as the Karin Futo and this is another one of those extremely rare cars that’s really difficult to get hold of. I was literally searching for days trying to find this thing and I eventually stumbled across one when I’d just about given up all hope.

Not only is this little car cool because it’s based on the AE86 but it’s actually got some unique features about it. To pay homage to its drifting roots this car is extremely tail happy and it handles just about the same as all the other rear wheel drive cars in the wet, except this one slides around all the time. This makes it a great car to take out drifting and you can have some really good fun even without the slidey cars cheat.

So, let’s get started and take a look at how you can build up your Futo into a little AE86 that you can take racing around the mountain roads. If you’re going to be attempting to drift around those mountain hairpins then you’re going to want to upgrade the armor as much as possible to allow your car to withstand damage. There’s going to be plenty of occasions when your drift is cut short by the barrier or by any innocent strangers heading in the opposite direction. Likewise to give this car full race specs we’ll want to upgrade the brakes as much as possible as well as install the roll cage and chassis upgrade. You’ll often see these little Futos in all kinds of different colour schemes in game but we’ll want to customise ours to match the Initial D AE86. There’s quite a few different bumper options some of them being drift themed but the TV show and the movie car didn’t really have that much in the way of customised bumpers so we’ll just stick with the Custom Front Splitter and Custom Rear Bumper which adds a little bit of extra styling but doesn’t take it too far.

Another little subtle upgrade is the grille where we can add the Black Grille just to remove the badge and then a set of custom skirts and the lip spoiler will just tidy up the styling nicely. With the spoiler in particular things can easily get crazy with massive drift wings but the whole point of this series is to stay true to the famous real life cars. We have got a few options in terms of wheels though if you wanted to be authentic and match the Initial D car exactly then the stock wheels are a pretty good match. Otherwise there’s a few options under the Tuner category which fit the drifting theme. We’ve got three rims named Driftmeister, Countersteer and Slideways all which suit the theme pretty well but I prefer the styling of Slideways.

And of couse they have to be painted black. All that’s left is to add the black and white colour scheme. Ice White under the classic category for the primary colour and then a matte black for the secondary colour which covers all the lower half of the vehicle. Make sure you don’t leave Los Santos Customs without adding every performance upgrade possible, although again if you did want to stay authentic then I’d leave out the turbo upgrade with those little AE86s being naturally aspirated. With this car in game being so slidey I actually found that the max engine upgrade was more than enough and that extra boost from the turbo only resulted in unwanted wheel spin when trying to set off in first gear. Once you’ve got your little Futo tuned up and ready to rock you’ll want to find yourself some twisty mountain roads to play on. It’s up to you whether you head out with the intention of drifting or whether to just go as fast as possible in your own little Touge Showdown.

With this car’s handling it’s likely that you’ll get the back end out at some point anyway. I haven’t actually tried this one with the slidey cars cheat just yet, all these clips you see in this video are me just playing around with this car in normal story mode. Although there’s one cheat I really did wish was available in game and that is to turn off traffic. I’ve had loads of runs and really cool drifts that were cut short by annoying AI getting in the way. So if you’re a fan of Initial D or if you’ve learnt anything new about this cool little car then I’d really appreciate a thumbs up just to help spread the word and share the video with your friends. If you want to check out more of these GTA 5 custom car builds then you can either subscribe for future episodes or check out the link to the full playlist down in the description for all the previous videos. While you’re in there give those links to Twitter and Facebook a click to see some sneak previews of the upcoming custom cars I’ve got in store. Otherwise thanks for watching and I’ll catch you all later.

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