So after reading the comments from my recent gaming videos I’ve discovered that, no one gives a shit about gaming videos You don’t want pyrocynical to sit back, have a bit of banter with the lads No, no no no no You want him to relentlessly bully other channels and individuals Well, I’m here to serve so I’ll do exactly that today (Whispering) God, I fucking hate youtube Also, before I start the video, I do want to apologize for the shitty backdrop I now got access to my mic though, so it’s essentially a trade off. Do you want a good backdrop with a shit mic, or a shit backdrop with a good mic? Comment down below But, you wont Hey, you guys want to see a good meme? Look at this, look at this Holy shit it’s leafy! (whispering) I have aids So I’m sure all of you are aware what the game grand theft auto five is And if you don’t, look up video game on reddit, I’m sure that’ll help you out Now, unfortunately GTA 5 is dying, especially with the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 He’s essentially climbed into his coffin, and he’s just waiting for someone to fill him up with soil.

Now as you may have noticed, there’s a fair amount of GTA 5 youtubers, still lurking about They haven’t moved onto other games, they’re essentially on the titanic, waiting for it to sink And they’re going to milk every last bit of oil out of that game that they can. And you may also notice some extremely high clickbait of a GTA5 video sneak into your recommended videos. even though you don’t watch any kind of GTA5 video whatsoever. The GTA5 community is split up into two parts. The first part I like to call… Kwebbelkop Big Jump Ramp. (screaming) These are people that jump off ramps, scream a lot, and they get lots of views. Quite cancerous. But honestly at the end of the day, very harmless.

But then there’s the other kind of GTA5 youtuber. A dying species but incredibly dangerous because it is now full aware of its near extinction. We deemed this species of Youtuber… FUCKBOYS These are people who make GTA5 videos that are incredibly misleading, saying that there’s a theory or something happens in-game that you missed and you need to find out only to click on the video and find that it’s something that no one gives a shit about. Hey, how’s it going everybody! My name is Sernando and I do hope that you are having a wonderful day so far man! Now- I already hate this person. All this guy does is walk around and show you things that Tracey can do in GTA5.

Nothing special. You’ve probably all seen it before, I wonder why it got so many views. It couldn’t be anything to do with the fucking thumbnail. Also nice job with the 8 mid-roll Ads in a 13 minute video. Actual cancer. Once you’ve seen one of these GTA theory videos you’ve pretty much seen them all. All the titles are noticeably vague and not very descriptive, so you click on them. Much like every single vlog channel on Youtube ever. But there’s a trend in the GTA community that’s spiked up recently and it’s amazingly terrible. As many of you know, there’s a train in GTA5. It circles around the map, and it’s pretty useless.

Now what a lot of GTA youtubers have done as a last ditch effort is to use this train for views. They’ll make videos stacking items and objects in front of the train hopefully trying to stop the train. What’s really infuriating about these videos, the only reason they get views in the first place is because of their thumbnails. Like for example, this one. You’d think there would be some kind of head-on collision with the train? Nothing like this ever happens in the video.

This time, however, we’re going to see if a train can stop the train in GTA5. (music playing) What’s great about these channels is they realize that if they do a train against a train the video would be over in 30 seconds so they do a timelapse placing each individual object. It’s as boring as it sounds. Okay guys here we go, so let’s hope you guys were right with your guess. But- Wait, what? Whaaat? Lemme go all the way to the end of this so we see what happens. I think from what I just saw, from what I just saw guys the train goes straight through them; you can see the train coming, you can see it right now it doesn’t even hit the vehicles.

That’s really strange. 99% of the time with these train collision videos the train will phase right through the object. The youtuber knows this because they’ve done it 50 fucking times before and they realize that the video isn’t 10 minutes yet to put mid-roll Ads in so all they do is sit there saying how amazed they are for the next 5 or so minutes. That’s actually crazy, that’s actually crazy guys. CRAZY! That is insane, Pretty insane, just look how many we have on here it’s insane! That is insane, that’s crazy, that’s insane the crazy fucking shit Now I wouldn’t really give a shit about these kinds of videos, but unfortunately for some reason they’re extremely successful, again it’s probably because of their purposely misleading thumbnails. Most of the stuff you see is never recreated in any kind of way.

Just a little tip as well, a real giveaway to tell if these thumbnails are fake you’ll see a little outer glow on some of the images or tanks or whatever fucking object they put in. That’s something you do in Photoshop if you didn’t know. So, if you see a glow, it’s fake as shit. Don’t even try to click on it. These videos pretty much boil down to the train phasing through an object and then they act completely surprised or annoyed and you’ve wasted 10 minutes and they’ve got millions of views. It should stop the train I guess, it should stop it. Okay here we go, here we go, here we go. Come on, come on, come on! Aw, god damnit. No, come on, this had to happen didn’t it? It had to happen. Aw man, so it looks like the ramp can’t stop the train That’s gutting. I’m not gonna give up yet, I’m gonna place down every single ramp we can possibly place down, okay? I’m not gonna give up yet, guys.

No, i’m not gonna give up yet because the video hasn’t reached 10 minutes yet. Now, real quick I just wanna say one thing guys not everything goes through the train. PLEASE PLEASE, JUST AT LEAST BREAK. Oh my god, how did it- Something we’re about to see, here we go! What do you think is gonna happen guys? Do you guys think every single ramp would-will- Do you think that the train will go through every single ramp guys or do you think one of the- Please.

Shut the fuck up. These channels have also deadlocked themselves. When they attempt to do any other kind of video that isn’t a train collision, it gets very poor views. They don’t just do train videos as well. There’s another trend going around : “Can 1 bullet kill 100 people in GTA5?” Just so we have a few more. So we got 101 people lined up as best as I possibly could. That’s looks crazy! I’ve never actually seen 100 people in one single line.

(Laughing) What the fuck? They’re all looking at me as well, that’s kind of creepy, That’s really creepy actualy, they’re all staring at me, seeing how many people we cant get… It looks so creepy when they look at me! Look at this, they have no emotions or anything, it’s so creepy! Hey you! You wanna get that video to 10 minutes so you can place 8 mid-roll Ads and double your profit? Just make sure to repeat yourself as much as possible.

Did you hear what I said? Repeat yourself. That’s creepy, that’s insane, that’s crazy! Creepy, insane, crazy. Repeat after me : CREEPY, INSANE, CRAZY I- Repeat that 3 times a sentence, 7 times a video, and you’ll be sure to hit 10 minutes in 2 seconds with every single video. Now that’s a creepy, and insane tutorial. 3… 2… 1… Go! (NPC: Go fuck yourself!) Alright, how many people did we get. Alright we got… 1… 2… 3- We got 5 people! Alright so we only got 5 though so we didn’t get 100- You know, videos like these have taught me that if there’s a question mark in the title chances are it’s not gonna happen.

It’s like when someone puts “Face Reveal” and they put a question mark in the title. They’re not gonna do a face reveal. It’s like insurance. The question mark in a title is basically insurance. “Did I get AIDS” question mark in the title, no I didn’t! PRANKED! You’ll also notice with these youtubers as well, they do anything they can to extend the run time of these videos. So they’ll pause the video and ask people to comment down below what they think is gonna happen but really, who gives a shit, because you get 1,000s of dollars either way. [Music] (small groan) Oh what? What!? No way! The main problem with these kinds of videos is you can clearly tell the padding to increase the run time and how they pretend to give a shit or pretend to be invested in what they’re doing.

They repeat words a lot, as i’ve stated multiple times. Now if you want money, and you just don’t give a shit, that’s totally fine do your own thing. But don’t pretend to give a shit about what you’re doing and then claim the money anyway. That’s just retarded. I would much prefer a 2-3 minute video of you testing what impacts the train or not even though you know the outcome anyway.

I’d much prefer that than a shitty timelapse and you repeating yourself every 3-4 seconds to pad out the run time even further. After studying these train collision videos for quite a while, I myself have actually attempted my very own train collision video to cash in on the trend. How’s it going everyone? It’s your boy, SpecialSnowflakeHD and today we’re going to see if 100 Jews could stop the train to Auschwitz. Before we get started if you could drop a like, that would mean the world to me. This video is gonna be pretty crazy, pretty insane, here comes the timelapse.

(royalty free music) Now that we’ve spawned all the jews, lets vet for the Auschwitz train, yaaaa! Choo choo!!!! Ho ho! I-I’m sorry guys, that was well out of character, that was pretty crazy. (more royalty free music) So guys, I want you all to comment down below, what do you think is gonna happen next? Wha, wha wha? Oh my goooossshh… Guuuyyysssss The jews didn’t stop the train to Ausch- This is so annoying. I’ve make like 50 videos on trying to stop the train and generated 1,000s of dollars but nothing stops the train! Tune in tomorrow where I make another video and generate 1,000s of dollars! Thanks a lot, fuckers! In conclusion, GTA is dying.

And these channels are a perfect example of that. I hope you all enjoyed the video, thanks a lot for watching. More Red Dead Redemption Trailer theories coming soon. Whitewoods – Beachwalk You wanna know why i’m wearing this fucking gay polo? Auschwitz..

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