GTA 5 Online: SOLO Millions Guide

Hey everybody what’s going on! welcome back to another video! and in today’s video we are going to be talking about a new Insane gta 5 money glitch! which is too easy and fast! Also this is a solo money glitch so you don’t need any friends to help you out! Which makes it even more awesome! Anyways before moving on, make sure if you enjoyed this video to slap that like button with your fist comment below your thoughts! and subscribe for more! So to start this off let me showcase how this money glitch works Basically a bunch of glitchers and modders grouped up under the name Genius Theft Auto And they found a very insane way to force the rockstar games cloud servers to send money to Anyone they choose! Not only money, they can also force the servers to multiply the RP amount of someone’s character and basically they can also send any amount of ranks to anyone they want aswell! Whats more insane is the way they keep this glitch unpatched, is that whenever someone gets the money they chose, it appears as minus in the maze bank account, and thats what they call as the “Anti-Ban” feature! with this feature and having a minus amount helps delete any fingerprints from rockstar which helps not to get caught and not get banned! Pretty insane am i right? Now the reason i made this video, is to help spread the word about these modders and to give you the guide of how You can get free money and Ranks without being banned, in a few simple steps! and its working for Xbox one & xbox 360 & ps3 & ps4 and the PC platform! so these guys made a website which is located at: in that website they automated the process of forcing the rockstar cloud servers to send money to whoever uses that site! easy steps and easy process.

First thing you need to do is to choose your platform you can use “Auto detect” if you feel lazy second step is to type your gamertag ID or your PSN ID Make sure its correct before proceeding And then choose how much money you want in the 2nd box and third of all, choose the rank take a note that you can only choose 9 billion and a maximum rank of 999 and thats for more precautions. after that click on “Generate” and the console of the website will appear at the left side of the screen and keep an eye on the process and if there is any errors it will tell you what to do, and if everything is alright, you should see a “Success” message at the end of the process This method can be done while you’re both online or offline from GTA so it won’t really matter.

Also before finishing off let me tell you that i’ll make a giveaway This giveaway is solely made to prove that this method is working and it consists of 5 gamertags that can choose whatever amount of money under 9 billion and whatever amount of rank under 999 but in order to qualify for this giveway, you need to do something in return First step: like this video Second step: subscribe to my channel Third step: Comment your gamertag id with the platform and the amounts you need. If you don’t wanna do that, no problem, feel free to do it by your own from the site which i mentioned earlier which is located at: And thats it for today’s video, hope you guys had a great time! will see you on the next time And im out!.

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