GTA 5 / 100% Completion / The Third Way (Deathwish) Mission Gameplay / Walkthrough

This is the last mission in the game When you finish your last heist mission (The Big Score), Franklin will get a visit in his house from Devin Veston. He will request from Franklin to choose to kill either Trevor or Michael, so at the end you will have choice in your mobile to call Lester and select one of 3 endings. This is the third one (Deathwish) and this one is best choice because at the end you have all 3 characters live and you can play their activities, otherwise if you kill one of characters you can’t complete game 100%.

Right now this is an intro for mission select, at the end of this scene you will have a choice in your mobile to call Lester and select which ending you would go. I chose the Deathwish ending. At the point when you enter Lester’s house the mission starts So to complete mission on time you have to skip all the cut scenes. This is the mission so to achieve mission time i suggest to skip cut scenes from this point. Use as much as you can Michael’s special ability to achieve better accuracy as you need over 70% accuracy as mission task. The best way here is to wait for them to drive out of parking lot and stick sticky bomb on the car in the middle I would suggest coming a little closer to building entrance but not too close as they can see you and alarm.

If you can, stick sticky bombs on other cars too, and blow them up. That can save you some time. If you don’t blow them all, Don’t escape like me, i lost here like 2 minutes by trying to escape, rather gun them all down. For Stretch i wouldn’t go into fight, just kill the one with white shirt, he is marked red on minimap Don’t pull out any weapons, you need a kill with Melle weapon, so fists, bat, bottle, knife, knuckle will do. When you kill stretch i would suggest to run out, as killing them all might get you killed or lose you good time. But before you enter your car and escape, there will be one car chasing you so kill those guys first. For killing Steve i would suggest to turn left on parking lot and entrance of park for better viewing angle From this side you will have much better view for a clean headshot, Steve i on top on the wheel in cart with cameraman.

After you make a kill, go back from where you entered and run down on nearby parking lot. Don’t make a jump like me, rather pull over and go down the stairs. You will need a fast car for next task as you will drive long way, so steal something good and make an escape toward the beach to lose the cops. When you lose the cops, drive to Devin’s house for last part of the mission to kidnap him. When you get to Devin’s house kill his guards and go down by the pool to kidnap Devin. When you get to drive him to next location turn here left (i turned right) and make a drive down the mountain same as i did just on the opposite side of the house as it’s less steep and this will save you some time too. Follow the drop to neadby intersection with bridge and gas station, just be careful going downhill not to miss intersection. As you descend back on the road, follow the mark on the map for the last scene.

After watching end credits you can go to Replay Mission in Menu and take a look of your mission tasks. You can also replay other two missions from that point..

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