GTA 5 / 100% Completion / The Big Score(Obvious way) Mission Gameplay / Walkthrough

To complete this mission on time you have to skip cut scenes. The Big Score is last heist mission in GTA 5 I choose Obvious way because you get more money at the end of mission. The tasks are more of generic type on this mission. There is a shooting accuracy of 60% and more. For this task i would suggest use stronger weapon with slower rate of fire, and also Michael’s special ability whenever you can. You can get headshots easily by aiming precisely and using Michael’s ability, that way you will get accuracy also. For “cha-ching” task you need to drop the gold on train track in less than 30 seconds. The 30 seconds starts from point when you see the train, and a little bit after you take down enemy choppers.

Now you need to escape 5 stars from police. This is not that hard since you have fully tuned car. I would recommend to run away untill you escape them than find some secluded place like garage, tunnel or something..

As found on Youtube