GTA 5 / 100% Completion / Something Sensible (Kill Trevor) Mission Gameplay / Walkthrough

This is the last mission in the game. When you finish your last heist mission (The Big Score), Franklin will get a visit in his house from Devin Veston. He will request from Franklin to choose to kill either Trevor or Michael, so at the end you will have choice in your mobile to call Lester and select one of 3 endings. This is the one when you have to kill Trevor (Something Sensible) But i would not chose this one as mission when i have to call Lester, rather play the third choice (Deathwish) and that one is best choice because at the end you have all 3 characters live and you can play their activities, otherwise if you kill one of characters you can’t complete game 100%. So you can replay this mission later from the Menu. This mission doesn’t have gold requirements.

As found on Youtube