GTA 5 / 100% Completion / Meltdown Mission Gameplay / Walkthrough

To complete this mission on time, you have to skip cut scenes. As you enter to the shop, you go and buy tuxedo for red carpet on the right side. You can skip ride with the limo, this will save you some mission time. After you receive a call (i skip that part in cut scene) don’t take the limo, take the fast car By taking the fast car it will save you some mission time, and also it can help you achieve “Pedal To The Metal” mission task which is to reach top speed in any vehicle. To achieve “Headshot Rescue” mission task you must kill kidnapers who hold Amanda and Tracey with headshots. So as soon as you enter the house, you will see Amanda and one kidnaper holding a gun on her head on the stairs. Use Michael’s slow down ability and kill him with headshot. Than you go up the stairs and in Tracey’s room You will see another kidnaper holding a gun to Tracey’s head, do the same, kill him with headshot.

After you save them both, go around the house and kill all the enemies, one mission task “Tier One Operator”is to kill 12 of them with headshots, so use Michael’s special ability and take them down. But don’t be too slow because you also have to achieve “Mission Time” task to finish mission within minutes..

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