GTA 5 / 100% Completion / Driller Mission Gameplay / Walkthrough

Time on this mission is not so crucial. As long as you don’t raise police level and you don’t have to escape them, you will be able to finish it within mission time. You should start this mission entering construction yard from the opposite side, not the one where you have mission marked. First come near first security guard and smack him with fist because if you pull out a weapon people passing by will see you and you will raise police level Next when you smack first security guard enter the yard, pull out weapon with silencer and start killing guards in order like in video. At the end last 2 guards you can see i killed both with one shot with sniper rifle if you don’t kill them both at the same time you will raise police star and you wont get this task.

So this 2 guys must be down at the same time, i take the sniper rifle with silencer as it’s stronger and safer to kill both with one shot..

As found on Youtube