Grand Theft Auto 5 + ONLINE – How to Improve Performance and Reduce/Fix Lag on Low End Hardware

Ragnos make another tutorial easier to follow. Ragnos I don’t know how to do this. Ragnos can you help me do this. Ragnos please update the tutorial. Alright, alright I hear y’all. Welcome to Grand Theft Auto Five, a game that no one’s playing, it’s clear as day and just like the sky is clear in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky that this is a joke, well I hope you see what I did there. Is this a possible teaser for upcoming optimizations? Ahh never mind, Grand Theft Auto Five is one of the most popular games to come out in the past couple of years, that is being played by people with potato specs all over the globe. These gamers are so desperate to run it on their systems, but everything they get is 10FPS at most – then they cry, and beg Lord Gaben for the refund, and Gabe doesn’t care because they spent hundreds of hours into it. Without any further ado – welcome guys, welcome, please come in – willikomen, dobrodoŇ°li, whatever your language is to yet another Low Specs Experience optimization video. Well, I know that I already made like two-three videos for this but ever since I updated the UI of Low Specs Experience, people are confused on how-to do the optimization properly, and they end up crying in the corner.

That will change today, because I’m brigning you a whole updated tutorial and gameplay for this optimization. So first of all what you need to do is to download Low Specs Experience from my website and then install it – it’s a free tool developed by me and a few other folks designed to help you manage and optimize your favorite games for maximum performance. Yes that’s true! After you download it and install it, simply start it from your Desktop shorcut, now navigate through these startup menus like I do in the video and press optimize. Now from this drop-down menu select Grand Theft Auto Five and then press LOAD OPTIMIZATION. This 7zip installation will load, and now simply press browse and select the destination where your game has been installed, this is where my GTA 5 is installed – destination for your game will probably be different, so stop commenting like “I don’t have that Ragnos folder”, like wtf?. Now simply press extract and then go to GTA 5 folder and start ragnotech control panel. Easy? I guess so. Now you will get this control panel thingie, everything you need to do is to select the method of optimization you want and then select the resolution you want to be in-game.

Now press optimize and then copy this GTA 5 tag, now go to Documents folder and then Rockstar Games\GTA V and edit this settings.xml with notepad for example. Now select everything except the graphics card model and the last line, and paste ‘n’ replace. Hit file and then save! Now start ReSwitch from your Desktop for desired resolution and then start your game right after that. Now here you have the comparison between lowest in-game settings and optimized ultra low settings from Low Specs Experience. Do you see the difference? No? Consult a doctor then. Anyway guys, I hope this allowed you potato PC gamers to run this game on somewhat playable framerate, as you can see I went from 13-15FPS to like 30+ FPS with my HD530 GPU, well it’s true that I don’t have CPU bottleneck so the improvement will probably be bigger on my system than on yours, but still you should get more FPS no matter what.

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