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Nuts are back! You can now earn a special stream currency (‘Nuts’) by watching the stream! (Make sure you’re logged in, your Nuts are saved per-account). We’re starting from scratch with brand new Nuts on YouTube- old Twitch Nuts do not carry over so it’s a fresh slate for everybody.

– You earn 5 nuts every 10 minutes that you spend watching the stream. New: Sponsors get double nut gain!
– You get a bonus 25 nuts for subscribing (one time bonus).
– You can check how many Nuts you currently have by typing !Nuts (5 minute cooldown)

What are Nuts for? Hoarding, mostly. On the (very occasional!) event that I do a pet giveaway on stream, you will be able to buy giveaway tickets with your Nuts. Additionally, there’s an overall Nut leaderboard and Nut gambling to occupy yourself with if I’m boring.

Bot Commands
!flipnut X (swap X for the amount of nuts you’d like to gamble. 5 minute cooldown).

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