Kin’garoth guide! Heroic Kin’garoth and Normal Kin’garoth boss guide for Antorus, the Burning Throne. Antorus, the Burning Throne is the new raid coming in Patch 7.3 and Kin’garoth is a later wing boss that you fight after Imonar the Soulbreaker. This is a Heroic and Normal Kin’garoth guide using footage from the raid testing on the PTR. Boss fight info and mechanics are subject to change but are likely to stay largely correct. Any major changes to the Kin’garoth strategy on live servers will be noted in a pinned comment below this boss guide video.

Kin’garoth in Antorus, the Burning Throne is a construction kind of guy. He swaps between Phase 1 (Deployment), where he accrues energy and does his main mechanics including Ruiner, Diabolic Bomb, and Reverberating Strike. At 100 Energy he casts Apocalypse Protocol and switches into Phase 2 (Construction). You have 30 seconds to deal as much damage as possible to the initializing mechs. After 30 seconds, they become mobile, start using their special ability and Kin’garoth will resume his mechanics. Kill the Garothi mechs as soon as possible!

The only two differences I found between Heroic Kin’garoth and Normal Kin’garoth was the numbers and the amount of mechs to deal with in Phase 2. On Normal, you only get two war mechs per phase whereas in Heroic you deal with three- one in each bay. The empty bay on normal rotates- first the West bay (opposite from the entrance), then next time it’s the South bay (right of the entrance) and then North bay (left of the entrance). Knowing this is key so that you know where to run to at the beginning of Kin’garoth’s Phase 2.

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