A Profound Crash Simulator

I recommend watching this video at 4K for its increased bitrate, which is really needed for this kind of video.

Dirt Rally is more than just a rally good rally game. It’s a good game! And I strongly suggest checking it out for something that’s challenging, rewarding and will give your butt-clenching muscles a good work-out. And by pushing me to the limit it has helped me to discover stuff about myself that I feel I can work on.

This will be my last tribute to Dirt Rally, as I’m sure those of you who want to play it have done already and those of you who haven’t just want me to get on with the next Going Low in CS:GO already.

Apologies for only showing clips from my Master challenge and the vehicle I used. I did use others but would clear out my shadowplay folder monthly because I got a little carried away in recording my highlights for this game. Still, I hope that you enjoy my crash montage!

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