Xbox One S vs Xbox One Project Scorpio Full Comparison

Hey whats up guys its cherry here from local charity productions only and seek to thousands channel today we have a special video because i will be comparing the xbox one as to the xbox one project scorpio now III this year its parts 1 and improvements really like a big thing we had a lot of live pictures talk about and a lot of Windows 10 and xbox one games being from here you’re really a big talk this year but there were actually two main things that we want to point out they didn’t build a new console the and spots 1s and they build a new console kind of the s-1 Scorpio now the xbox one s is basically like the slim edition from the 360 it’s about forty percent smaller and that was kind of one of the whole Sonia vs microsoft xbox one design verse is for design and ps4 and kind of had a better design so the important percent smaller with a power brick built inside it’s actually really cool that only comes in white which is kind of confusing because my whole setup is black and you can barely see so that would really match it but uh it’s oil so who cares so the answer .

Once when you can actually get it for 2 99 partner good bites 349 four terabytes or 394 two terabytes the honestly I suspect many getting the base model and then having an external drive because now is your kind of upgrading your ad spots every two years as Microsoft wants you to do then you’re just going to be losing a lot of game content so you might switch it back up to an external drive also new features from the xbox one as has HDR game compatibility and 4k video at ability you for watching netflix hopefully amazon prime one-day here’s the thing i want to talk about this is all great stuff but i am doing project Scorpio which is just a rumor before and III and that doesn’t really make sense to me because it would kind of be like I’m doing the iphone 7 it’s a great product is the next big thing and then saying at the very end of the conference of the iphone 8 is going to blow it out of the water that’s not a good selling strategy is not a good marketing strategy and not really sure so let’s go ahead and talk about projects for via the project scorpio kind of took a blackhead spots 1 i’m not sure the power brick is going to be built in so maybe if you really want that design feature just go for the xbox.

Well it’s going to have eight course of cpu and since teraflops of power why is that important but one that’s a lot of power and my pc the cost of a thousand dollars doesn’t even have eight core cpu why build that into a thoughts though for gaming well the thing is is I believe this is going to be a huge the art push to the ad spots one finally getting the are also it promises to have true 4k gaming at 60 frames per second a lot of pcs can’t even handle 4k gaming and 60 frames per second i think the videos new today t graphics card can only like 30 frames per second porque so I mean this is going to be a major push so honestly which one should you go for global considered project Skorpion so hows no planned release date it’s just the holidays the 2017 and no price yet it could be super pricey especially for a holiday gift whereas the and spots going to ask you can pick it up for easy to nine and maybe go on ahead startled drive haven’t already here’s the thing i want to talk about that at the very end honestly if I had to pick I would just say wait for part Scorpio if you already have in that spots one maybe you don’t need to upgrade and here’s what I’m going to talk about the xbox team made it very clear that developers we have to support all three models so they’re not killing off the original ad spots and a lot of people will be mad because it only came out a few years ago in project scorpio comes out and it’s only main selling point is 4k with the art I’m not sure that’s gonna be enough to get a lot of people the upgrade from the xbox one it’s a great console some of the 1080p and it’s still going to be supported so really the only thing I would say is you need to cut supporting to the xbox one if you really want to push this thing.

I know you’re freaking out when i say that because you shouldn’t cut support I saw it that’s one I don’t want to pay a lot for that new hot spots but that’s the only way we’re going to be upgrading if not it just has no motivation and I honestly don’t think i would spend 3 hundred to four hundred dollars or however much this xbox is going to call anyone that’s a full comparison of the xbox one s to the spots one project Scorpio I hope you enjoy it let me know down in the comments if you are going to pick up the s plus 1 as for the SS 14 p 0 even 1 i’m pretty excited for this thing because it looks like a beast on paper but we’ll see how it performs in the world testing if you like the video from the helpful make sure to go america on that like button until then subscribe thanks for watching have a good day yeah yeah!

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