Games New 2 Me please like and subscribe hey youtube this is Rob for new games 2 me with some exciting Xbox One S news if this information put you in a good mood please consider hitting that thumbs up button below this video anyway here we go let’s get right into it xbox one s is said to be selling amazingly well with Aaron Greenberg xbox one marketing executive saying that they have seen unprecedented demand for the xbox one s has a lot going for the xbox one s is smaller and slimmer than the xbox one there’s no power brick as the xbox one s has the power supply built into the unit the xbox one s can play 4k video media and streams so netflix and discs are in 4k as long as they’ve been recorded and sold in 4k that’s what you’re going to get though it doesn’t play games in true 4k the xbox one s is priced well considering a 4k disc media player sells for roughly $50 less and doesn’t play games Greenberg didn’t give any detail information about sales figures for the xbox one s though the two terabyte version has been sold out at many stores in Europe this may be due to the fact microsoft claims the two terabyte version is a limited release version if you create scarcity of a popular item it is going to have strong sales figures xbox one s is a good example of this.

Haven’t gotten yours yet don’t worry on august twenty-third there will be three new versions available one a one terabyte model and comes with Madden NFL 17 to a 500 gigabyte model 3 and another one terabyte model that comes with halo 5 Guardians and halo 5 Master Chief Collection Microsoft is planning other package deals that will be made available in September and I have to imagine that they will be introducing special prices and packages for the holiday season too I should mention that another major selling point of the xbox one s is its backwards compatibility that alone sounds great but the beefed-up hardware will also allow players to see a performance increase in previously released titles so there’s never been a better time to be an xbox one fan as you’re getting quite a bit more from your updated console not the least of which is the game spec increase for many games you already own so replayability is a definite plus it needs to be repeated that the xbox one s does not I repeat does not play games in 4k resolution but it will play movies and streams provided they are natively ultra-high resolution and it’ll play them in 4k.

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