Xbox One Controller Review

Hello there unboxer! This is Sakis Karpas in another episode of Unboxholics. Today we will share our opinion with you after one week of testing out the new Xbox One controller! Microsoft claims that this new controller offers a far more superior experience than its predecessor. We do not endorse that statement although we do think that it has some interesting new features such as the Impulse Triggers. First of all, the new Xbox One Controller comes with a fresh design. This shouldn’t have changed in our opinion, especially if you take another look at some sharps corners of the new controller. From what we can tell, Microsoft decreased the overall build quality to cut down on expenses probably. Our second biggest disappointment is the fact that the two analog sticks are now more loose and smaller. This was an unexpected and troubling move by Microsoft since the Xbox 360’s analog sticks were just fine the way they were. Gamers will sure benefit from the gripped texture and the deeper center of the analog sticks. Let’s hope that this texture won’t wear out in the future though.

But for now, it offers exceptional grip. Microsoft has also changed the D-Pad which was the worst feature of Xbox 360 controller. Thankfully, it now gives better feedback at the player. The face buttons of the controller were not changed at all except from a small size increase. The Start and Back buttons have been replaced by the Menu and View buttons which function differently depending on the application. The Home Button has now been relocated at the top of the controller and offers some new options in several applications like Snap Mode. On the bottom part of the controller we found a headset port while on the top we found a micro usb port along with the sync button. The IR sensor that is used to communicate with Kinect is also located on top of the controller.

As of today, we have not been able to connect the controller to a PC. Microsoft has promised that this feature will be available in 2014, so we have to wait. Microsoft has kept the AA batteries model for powering the controller and has removed the bulky and huge component that the batteries were placed in. Although the idea of AA batteries seems like it does not belong in 2013, we think that we all benefit from it since a non-removable battery would wear down and you would have to buy a new controller. Xbox One Controller’s triggers and bumpers are much wider which means that your fingers will fit even more comfortable. Our first impressions were not that great but after one week of testing we think that the triggers are probably the best thing that this new controller has to offer.

And that is because Microsoft has two vibration motors attached to the triggers, hence the Impulse Triggers name. For example, when a player shoots you will feel a small vibration under your finger. The vibration feature of the controller continues to offer a great experience since Microsoft engineers have already done an amazing job since the first Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox One controller ships along with the console but it is also sold separately for €55. The Xbox One’s controller comes with some really fresh ideas by Microsoft but its redesign was a bit of an extravagance. What is your opinion about the new Xbox One Controller? Tell us in the comments section below! Thumbs up this episode if you enjoyed it and stay tuned to Unboxholics for more. Make sure to follow us on Unboxholics.com, GameOver.gr, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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