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Argh! Microsoft! You do make it hard to love you sometimes! So, news breaking overnight is Microsoft have confirmed that the last update they put out around the Titanfall beta the one added stability improvements the battery monitor and drive space monitoring, so you can see how much actual drive space you were using now, unfortunately has introduced a new bug and this bug we are going to dub the black screen of death. So, this is what’s happening. You, playing away on a game, using an app and you go back to the home screen and what you’re greeted with instead of your dashboard is black! A black screen. Now effectively what’s actually happening is the signal coming from the Xbox is disappearing on my Samsung television. The Samsung basically feels that there is no signal there and so it powers itself down. So this black screen effectively is no signal coming out of the Xbox and your television set simply going, well I’m not going to display anything then and normally most TVs will either throw up a warning on the screen about HDMI not connected or simply power itself down because all it’s seeing is black.

Microsoft have issued a statement basically saying they’re aware of the problem and the fix is to turn the Xbox on and off again. Yes, turning it on and off again, we’re back to that old fix. History is resplendent with computer systems that simply need to be turned on and off again to fix a software bug. Great. There will be a patch coming imminently for it. But effectively what you need to do if you encounter this problem, which I have numerous times this weekend is press the POWER down on the front of the Xbox, effectively holding your finger against the touch sensor for 10 seconds.

Now what this will do is it will cut the power completely to the Xbox. You can then turn it back on and it will go through a full power-up cycle. Now a lot of the problem here does seem to be being caused by the standby element of the Xbox One. Effectively if you try and just turn the console off when you have the quick power-up option enabled then what will actually happen is it will just power back on to its last broken state. You have to completely kill the power to the Xbox One, boot it back up again and you’ll be back at your dashboard. Now really the the main criticism here for Microsoft is how the hell did you manage to release an update with this particular bug baked in? You were delayed on this update for nearly a week I think and yet this still managed to get out through Q&A.

To say that Microsoft is really damaging the Xbox One reputation here and making itself took a laughing stock is well, you know, by-the- by. The whole situation with Microsoft right now is they need to get a grip and actually as Xbox One owners we need to demand Microsoft get a grip. It does seem that this update was effectively delayed. They were having some problems.

They needed to get it out for the Titanfall beta and so they shoved it out the door anyway. There is no way in a million years, I’ve worked in a lot of Q&A. There is no way that quality assurance would allow a bug like that to go through and that it wouldn’t have been picked up. It’s as simple as that. It’s such an obvious bug, do you know what I mean? That it would have cropped up in testing but Microsoft pushed it anyway.

So now we all have consoles that at any point we’re going to have to get up off the couch go and actually power down the console completely for 10 seconds or actually cutting the power to it using the ten-second hardware reset as it were and then carry on gaming again and hope that we don’t need to nip back to our dashboard for any reason to, like, you know. Skype somebody – which is how we first noticed the problem here. We wanted to Skype somebody. Went to go to Skype and the whole thing went black. Cue half an hour of head-scratching and of course then it turns out we’ve got this software bug.

So that’s the fix. how long it will take Microsoft to actually get a physical software fix in place for this issue but for now what you need to do is kill the power to the Xbox One completely, power it back on and you will be fine and dandy, for a little while at least. Everything is going to be different. Hello IT, have you tried turning it off and on again. Yeah! but that’s an important part of the process. Yes, if you don’t complete that part there’s no way that you’re going to be able to do the next bit. OK, so now, turn it back on again! Thanks for watching. We hope you enjoyed this video. Do please remember to LIKE and comment and if you’d like to, please subscribe. You can also visit our website and download our Android app. If you do subscribe you’ll be getting a daily dose of the latest tech news, hardware reviews, Android games, consoles and basically an honest opinion direct from the UK. Stay tuned, stay Androidizen.

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