Xbox goes 4k with the new Xbox One S

The Xbox One S goes on sale today in select regions. The upgraded system is now holds a 40% smaller footprint and sports a revamped design that is considerably sleeker. Other than size the hallmark upgrade of the Xbox One S is 4k/ HDR video playback support so if you’re rocking a stupid expensive 4k TV you can access and watch some stupidly brilliant content. The $399 version of the One S comes with 2 terabytes of storage so you shouldn’t have too many problems holding a few 4k video files. The system includes a new version of the Xbox wireless controller which has gained new textured grips as well as bluetooth connectivity. If you already have an Xbox One, there really isn’t any convincing reason to upgrade but if you’ve been putting off taking the plunge on the new system the One S is a sexy 4k-sporting upgrade with a significantly reduced footprint..

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