Wish Upon a Star! – 5 Hopes for Pokémon Stars Switch

The January 12th event for the Nintendo Switch is fast approaching and one of the most prevalent rumors is that Game Freak is developing Pokémon Stars for the system. This would be huge news if true as it could be considered the first mainline Pokémon created for a console, even if that console is able to become portable. Stars, if real, is expected to be the third game in the seventh generation, much like Pokémon Crystal for Gen 2 and Pokémon Emerald for Gen 3. However, Game Freak hasn’t released a traditional game in this vein since Pokémon Platinum so there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the rumor. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, so I’ve put together a list of 5 wishes for Pokémon Stars that I’d like to see implemented in the game. Will they come true? Well, let’s wish upon the Stars and see! One of the most memorable additions to the remakes of Gen 2, HeartGold & SoulSilver, was having your top-slot Pokemon follow behind you in the same way Pikachu did in Pokémon Yellow.

It was a way to connect with your Pokémon, and there’s just something fun in having a cute sprite follow behind you. It gave the Pokémon more personality back when they were just 2D images. And nearly every Pokémon fan has wanted the feature to come back since. Plus it actually makes sense to bring this back in Stars if only because of Alola itself. Sun & Moon constantly remind players of the bonds between people and Pokémon. Having this feature back would just enhance that even more, especially since characters will often refer to the first Pokémon on your team. And fortunately, it looks like it may actually be a thing in Stars as dataminers have found evidence of different Pokémon walking and running on their own, something that wouldn’t seem to make sense unless this feature is implemented. Whether it’s true or not, having Pokémon follow you again feels like a must in Alola. Now that Pokémon Sun & Moon are out, we know that there are over 800 Pokémon total.

And yet, only 300 of them are catchable in Alola. Yeah, that may seem like a lot and there’s still a good variety, but I’m of the opinion that at least half of the total Pokémon that exist should be catchable in a single game. There are so many great Pokémon that having more choices for them just makes sense. Plus, it’s a lot easier to actually complete the National Pokédex if you can simply find them in a single game. At the very least, it’d be pretty cool to get some new Alolan Forms as well, maybe for Pokémon beyond Gen 1. This wish feels unlikely though unless Stars ends up being a sequel game like Black & White 2. There are empty lots all around Alola, mainly in the cities, that are incredibly suspicious.

We know that construction is happening on them, but we don’t know what they’re for. And nothing happens to them in the post-game. For me, this is the best evidence that another game set in Alola could happen, and perhaps as a sort of sequel. Time could have passed, and the buildings are complete. The question is, what are they building? My best guess would be a series of Gyms, but that seems to fly in the face of Alola’s longstanding culture. Still, no matter the answer, I want to know what could possibly end up there. At the very least, maybe it’s something for Stars’ post-game? It’s always exciting seeing old characters return in new Pokémon games. It makes the world feel interconnected, and players want to see what they were up to. Sun & Moon had plenty of cameos that were mainly limited to the Battle Tree. And while it’s fun to actually see these old Trainers, I want something more. Take Red & Blue for example. They were a major surprise in their reveal trailer and fans’ imaginations ran wild with art of the two going around Alola, what Green may look like older, and other fun possibilities.

But none of that happens in the game. Instead, you meet them, choose to battle one, and then proceed to the Battle Tree in order to have a chance to battle the other cameos. Likewise, Colress appears, has a few lines and hands out a few good items, but it feels unsatisfying. I want to see him do more. And there’s actually a great example of this in the game. Anabel was a Frontier Brain back in the 3rd Generation. Her return in Sun & Moon fleshes her out immensely by providing a side plot involving the Ultra Beasts and Looker. I want to see the other cameos expanded in similar ways so that we can experience short side stories showing how these characters have changed. This would simultaneously flesh out the post-game as well. Unfortunately, this seems like an unlikely wish to come true. Lillie’s growth as a character was one of my favorite parts of Sun & Moon.

And seeing her leave at the end for Kanto in search of a way to help of her mother was a poignant moment. But I’m greedy. I want more. I want to see what happens next. Does Lillie begin her time as a Trainer? Is she able to help her mother by talking to Bill? What’s become of the Kanto region since Gold & Silver? There are so many possibilities that I hope, somehow, that the player could actually revisit Kanto. Or even better, play a side story that focuses on Lillie making her way on her own. There’s a wealth of possibilities, including a trip to Johto as well, and it would be a shame if Lillie never came back. But those are just my wishes. What about yours? Would you focus more on the single player or the competitive side of things? Let us know in comments and be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on Pokémon and other things gaming.

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