Why the PS4 Pro is a Bad Idea

Hello and what is up Herd Nation! Welcome back to another discussion video! Today we are going to be discussing Sony and their recent announcements, the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. We aren’t just going to have a few tips like the last video, I would like to go into more detail this time to explain myself. We’re first going to talk about why this is a bad idea, and then we’ll talk about how it could have been fixed. So lets get started! Firstly, I would like to say; if Sony is going to be releasing the PS4 Pro, then I would skip on the PS4 slim. Completely, because all its going to do is confuse people! We have to all bare in mind that, a large percentage of console sales are from people who aren’t just buying it for themselves. That means parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the list goes on. If there are now going to be 3 different playstations in the near future; people who aren’t gaming enthusiasts are going to have to figure out which one to buy. And frankly, if any of you have ever worked in customer service, you know that people can be fucking STUPID!! Sony, if there is ever a point when your customers have to ask: “Which one do I get to have the good graphics?” Then you done messed up! The reason why I know this, is because ive been there! Multiple times! For example, back when I was a kid, I asked my goddad, for luigi’s mansion for my birthday.

You wanna know what he got me? FUCKIN SPIDER MAN!!! LIKE WHAT!? WHY!? (INSERT LUIGI’S MANSION/SPIDER MAN FOOTAGE) This is the reason why the WII U failed so hard. People just thought that it was a peripheral to the original. Its simply bad communication. If you want people to buy your product, you have to communicate to them 3 things: Why should they upgrade? What makes it worth the price? What games can I play on it? That last question brings me to my next point. They should have shown a brand new game that completely utilized the new hardware. Showing off the same games that you’ve already shown in a higher resolution and frame rate is mediocre. ESPECIALLY SINCE THE BITCH IS $400. That means that if you bought the PS4 when it first came out, and then the PRO, you’ve spent $800!!! If that’s the case, then just save up to build a gaming PC! If you really want 60FPS bad enough to spend another $400 bucks, then youd save more money getting a PC.

Now, im not a PC elitist, but lets be honest here. The average person’s income isn’t going o be able to drop dough like that repeatedly. That’s a huge investment! So if the only thing that youre offering is better graphics, with the same games, then whats the point!? You shoulda just called it the playstation 5 and make new games for it entirely. Because the expenses far outweigh the benefits. Not to mention, your competition is a hundred bucks cheaper. Not to justify Microsoft either! I don’t think this console upgrade is a good idea at all! Generally I think these new consoles are just a half assed generation. Im completely fine with Sony releasing a new console now, but not if its just going to be the same thing, with slightly better graphics. It just feels empty. Plus its going to put a bad taste in people’s mouths if they go out and buy the PS4 pro, and then in the next 2-3 years, the PS5 comes out for another $400! Not only that, but what about the people who don’t have 4K televisions yet? Youre gonna have to get a TV AND the console.

That’s ridiculous. In the last video I said that 4K is going to be the main thing we all have, and HD is getting old, and that’s true! But one of the biggest reason why people haven’t upgraded to 4K yet is because not enough things are being offered in that resolution to justify the purchase. Now those of you may now say, “Since the PS4 pro is going to be in 4K then that’s another thing to justify buying a TV.” But its not!! Because youre getting the same games, the same experiences, and everything else, but slightly prettier. We all know that people complained like CRAZY this generation about all the remasters, but look at what we’re about to get!? They should call it: “REMASTER PRO” because that’s all it is. But now im done complaining. Lets talk about what could have been done to prevent this. The number one greatest thing that could have been done is: Wait for about 2 more years and release the playstation 5. They should have also delayed the Playstation VR until the PS5 and release the headset WITH the console in a bundle.

That way all of the games would be running in a great resolution, have excellent framerate, and the install base for the headset would have been HUGE. Then developers would be much more interested in developing for VR, because they would have had much more confidence in their investment. Right now in the gaming industry, we are in an era where companies are announcing things too damn early. For example, the vita would have done MUCH better if it were paired with PS4 instead of the PS3.

The ability to play your PS4 games, along with having its own library would have made the Vita unstoppable. (INSERT PS VITA FOOTAGE) But, they released it too early, and there wasn’t much incentive to buy it. There were simply NO games on it. Just waiting a little bit longer would have made a huge difference. That’s the biggest struggle that we’re facing. Patience. What do you guys think? Whether you agree or disagree, please leave a comment, and if you haven’t already join the conversation on google plus! And until next time, peace out herd nation! HERDHYPE!

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