Why the Nintendo Switch Dock is the best #NintendoSwitch Accessory!

– Do you wanna know what I think the most underrated Nintendo Switch accessory is? This is the accessory that people are complaining the most about, especially when it comes to price, but I think it’s actually the dark horse accessory for the Nintendo Switch. What is up tech squad? I’m Andru Edwards, editor in chief at gearlife.com, and today I wanna talk about the Nintendo Switch Dock.

Nintendo announced the price of all it’s accessories, and the one that stuck out to people, and made a lot of people see the color red with rage, was the Switch Dock. It’s gonna sell for 89 dollars and 99 cents. for what’s essentially just a dock that your Switch slides into to allow you to play it on a television. And a lot of you have been asking me, why would anyone buy this? Well, I’m gonna tell you why I’m gonna buy two of them.

So think about it this way, when you buy an Xbox One, or when you buy a PlayStation 4, you hook it up to your TV, and you use it in that room. Now the cool thing about the Switch is it can be undocked and taken on the go, taken into other rooms of the house, but then you’re playing it handheld-style, and the battery could die. With my Xbox One and PlayStation 4, if I wanna play those in another room, I pretty much have to disconnect the entire thing and drag it to another room, which I don’t do.

Or, the solution that I took, I had to buy more consoles. So a 300 dollar Xbox One in the living room, a 300 dollar Xbox One up in my office, and another 300 dollar Xbox One in the bedroom. And the same goes for the PlayStation. Now let’s take a look at the Switch. The Switch costs 299 dollars, 300 bucks. The beauty of the dock, though, is that you do not have to buy multiple Switch consoles. You just need to buy the dock. So for 89.99, I can buy a dock for the bedroom, and for another 89.99, I can buy a dock for my office. So for less than 200 dollars, I can now play the switch in fullscreen on my 4K TV in my bedroom, and my 4K TV in my office, and all I need to do is take the Switch tablet out of one dock and put it into another. Now that’s pretty cool for homes that have multiple TVs.

So what do you get for your 90 bucks? You get the Switch Dock itself, you get an included HDMI cable, which allows you to connect it to your TV, and you get the USB-C AC adapter, which allows you to power your Switch when it’s docked. So you get everything you need to both power, charge, and play your Switch in full 1080p, one a television, for 89.99. Now if you don’t have extra TVs, you don’t need to pay for a dock. But if you do have extra televisions that you would like to play your Switch on, or if you think you’re gonna be taking your Switch over to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s house regularly, you can have a dock over there. So you just take your Switch tablet over to their house and dock it right on your TV.

So I applaud Nintendo for this one. No need to buy extra Switch consoles. No need for me to buy a Switch for the living room, and another 300 dollar Switch for the bedroom, and yet another one for my office. Instead, I could buy one Switch, two docks, and I’m good. Instead of 900 dollars, it’s 480 dollars. That’s a big difference, it’s almost half the price to be able to access the Switch on three TVs.

So anyway guys, that was a little bit of a rant from me on the Nintendo Switch Dock. I saw a lot of hate out there for it, and I just think people weren’t realizing how much money you’re actually saving if you have multiple TVs and don’t need to buy multiple Switch consoles to play it in multiple rooms in your house. But of course, I wanna know what you think as well. Drop a comment below, let me know what you think of the Switch Dock, let me know if you think what I said is ridiculous, if you agree with me, disagree, whatever it might be, leave a comment below, and I’ll meet you there for further discussion. Thanks so much for watching this one, guys. Drop a like on this video if you enjoyed it. If you agree with it, let me know. And don’t forget to click or tap on my face when you see it appear here at the bottom of the video in order to get subscribed for free to the channel to find out when new videos go live.

And by the way, click on that bell if you wanna be notified specifically when a new video appears here. Until next time, thanks so much for watching, guys. I’m Andru Edwards, and I’ll catch you in the next video..

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