Why is There No Volume on My PS4?

Why is there no volume on my PS4? Most people would not complain about being unable to hear the theme music at start up. I cannot hear anything else either, through the PS4. I’m assuming it is not muted. I put that in the category of common sense. Switch the sound source on the TV, from HDMI 1 to 2 and back to 1. Changing the settings back and forth sometimes resets it.

That’s less hassle than rebooting the console. You may still need to reboot the console, especially if the sound stopped working if you ran updates from Sony. If in doubt reboot is standard Xbox tech support. You could have the same issue if the HDMI cable is bad. It worked recently, and no, no pet has chewed through it and no one has bent the cable and broken it. Then make sure the TV is in HDMI mode. You’ll want to turn the TV to that mode before you turn the console back on because the console may not recognize it if you make the change while it is on. So I have to fix the settings on the TV and then reboot the console.

You could try turning on and off the TV, while the PlayStation 4 is on. That’s essentially rebooting the TV. You’re often having problems with the TV failing to update or refresh the HDMI input ports, and somewhere something has to get reset to get it to work. But switching to a different input or source usually works. And if it does not? All else fails, rebuild the database and file system. Or buy a new TV. New cables are cheaper. Then again, so would a new headset. True. This problem, especially if you can hear through the controller but not anything else, is due to an HDMI hand shake that fails when the signal first starts. Assuming the problem is not the HDMI port failing to send the data to the headset. OK, yes, you should make sure the headset is plugged all the way in, but I thought that was as obvious to check for as not having the TV or headset on mute. My input from FIOS on the TV works. So test the HDMI port with other devices, in case it is that specific port on the TV. You’re right, this does become an interesting excuse to replace the TV.

See if you can update its firmware first though, and if it isn’t smart enough to let you update its software, it is too dumb for a PS4.

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