Why is My PS4 Not Reading Discs?

Why is my PS4 not reading discs? I’m assuming you actually put a disk in, and that it is not the cleaning disk. I do not think I’ve put a cleaning disk in it for the time I’ve had it. Then the first solution is running a cleaning disk in it. If the reading head is dirty or grimy, it won’t read the disks. As long as I do not have to take it apart to dust it. That’ll ruin the warranty, though it does not hurt to vacuum up dust around the fan vents is not a bad idea. You might want to delete really big files so that the device has the memory to run the new disk.

I wonder if the disks are unreadable. An unreadable disk error could mean there is dirt or fingerprints on the laser lens inside the PS4, a disk tray that is out of alignment or scratches and fingerprints on the disk. The problem is with multiple disks, and it is not because I am putting the shinny side on the wrong side in the machine. If the disk is not lined up, it cannot play. A surer sign of this is when it cannot eject the disk. I’ve heard people say the disks are sometimes ejected without reason. One possibility is a weak laser beam. The solution is to clean the laser lens. I’m not taking apart a PS4 to clean a laser lens, even assuming I can tell what it is. That’s why you buy something like CleanDR or another lens cleaner kit that you use like a disk itself. What if it is a software problem? You could turn it off, bring it back up in safe mode and select to reinstall the software.

I’ve heard you could rebuild the database. That’s the next option, well, maybe the last option on the list. After doing that, restart the PS4. I did say to try reinstalling the software. Now, rebuilding the database is a more likely solution if it consistently tries to eject the disk, but not necessarily when it simply cannot read it. For some people, touching the power button until it beeps works. I mean turning it off and turning it back on. And you might want to wait at least a minute for the power to dissipate, so the unit forgets any errors that kept it from reading the disk. If that does not work, I’m reading the user manual. Nah, just call tech support. And that only after restoring default settings in safe mode. You’re assuming it is safe for the PS4 to fail that way, too, and that I won’t get so frustrated I go Gallagher on it.

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