Why is My PS4 Not Playing Netflix?

Why is my PS4 not playing Netflix? Did you pay your subscription? It is as current as my internet and phone bill. That doesn’t mean the connection isn’t the problem. Resetting the router might be the solution. I’ve power cycled that, and just to be sure, I’ve tried rebooting the console at least once today, though that was for something else. See if you can connect to online gaming or browse on the web.

Netflix is on the web. You could get errors like unable to reach Netflix service, cannot connect to Netflix, Netflix not available, unable to connect to Netflix – and they are all due to your internet connection, not the Netflix server. So I could get a could not connect to Netflix error because of an internet issue on my side. Try looking up one of those is it down websites, and if that doesn’t come up on the gaming console as well, you know Netflix isn’t the problem. I can see that Netflix is up. Then you’re down to rebooting all the hardware to rule that out. Reboot the gaming console, the router and or modem, and check your wi-fi router. That’s redundant. Not if you’ve got a wi-fi router to give the Netflix and PS4 their own connection to the internet so it doesn’t suffer performance degradation due to someone on a PC up stairs downloading stuff from GitHub. That would just be a different router to power cycle.

Or make sure it is close enough to the console to get a good connection. Plugging it in to a wired LAN line is starting to sound like a solution. Only if the routers and other wireless devices are interfering with each other. I was able to stream from Netflix last night, so I don’t think the hardware suddenly decided to malfunction today. Unless the firmware on your smart TV or console or router updated. They don’t update every day. It just feels like it. If you’ve shared your Netflix password, your inability to connect could be because there are too many users on your account. I don’t share that account info for precisely that reason.

I’ve heard of it happening if you had a connection failure and the device logged back in and dropped again, so the server thinks you have multiple connections. That gives an error your Netflix account is in use on other devices, stop playing on other devices to continue, go to Netflix’s website to fix it. Then you can delete the app and reinstall it. At least that’s easier than rebuilding the console’s database or reinstalling its system software. This is also the cleanest solution in case the latest console software messed up Netflix. I know Netflix still shows up in the home screen when you do that, but going to the Playstation Store lets you select to download it again. Just sign in after the download to go. Your PS4 could have problems playing Netflix if the date and time settings are far off, too, which you can check by going to settings, date and time settings, date and time, set via internet. I don’t have time for that to be the problem. Then reinstall the app as the first step before you start going through all the hard solutions for when the console is the cause.

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