Why is My PS4 Camera Not Working?

Why is my PS4 camera not working? Does the world really need to see you make those horrifying game faces when you lose? I want to be able to have other people see me when I talk to them. Before you start to worry about the hardware, make sure it is not operator error. Did someone put a band-aid over the PS4 camera so the NSA could not see you? That would be the most obvious tech support solution there is except for the fact that someone stole the camera. Make sure the camera is connected to the system. Of course. And nothing has happened to the cables that I can tell. Disconnect the camera, reboot, reconnect the camera and see if it works. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried some version of that already. You can remove the camera connection, reboot the PS, go to settings, user, login settings and turn off facial recognition. Then reconnect the camera and see if it works. So you think that some facial recognition setting is messing up the camera’s function entirely.

Do you have a solution that is not going to involve reboots? Select to restore factory defaults, in case some setting change you made messed things up. I do not think I made any setting changes. I wonder if it is a major software glitch. Save everything to the cloud, then re-initialize the PlayStation 4. This reminds me of all the software engineers saying it can be fixed by hardware, and hardware engineers saying errors can be fixed by software. Let’s try something other than lobotomizing the PS4. You could make sure the cable for the camera is plugged into the AUX port. It is plugged into that port. In theory, the auxiliary port might be broken, but that’s something to take up with Sony tech support. That takes forever. So check that the camera’s red light is on. If it is not despite being plugged in, the problem might be the camera itself.

It glares at me like the HAL computer from 2001. You may need to check the facial recognition settings under settings, login settings. If it is off, you may want to turn it on and see if that resolves the problem. What if it acts like it does not like me? The PlayStation 4 only uses recent facial images, so it may not recognize you if you radically changed your hair, grew a beard or added face data while making silly faces the last time you were drunk. I might have saved the information recently. Make sure you’ve logged in as you before adding the face data; someone else might have added their face as the verification if you did not log off last time. This is the one form of identity theft I’ve never heard of.

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