Why is My PS4 Account Suspended?

Why is my PS4 account suspended? You can get suspended or banned for having an inappropriate motto in your profile, but more common is cussing someone else out online. So much for an online social life. It is really only stuff they consider offensive in terms of images or audio, and frankly, you have to be a jerk in a serious way or repeatedly to get banned more than a couple days.

Why else might I have been banned by Sony? You can get banned for sending messages to others that they consider harassing, hateful or threatening. When you are playing a shooter game, saying I’m going to shoot you is not a homicidal threat, and no matter what some think, a digital gun can never ever turn into a real one and really kill people. You can get banned for cheating, though I’m not sure how. You might be able to cheat by hacking the game. Technically, exploiting glitches can get you banned, too, if it is to your advantage. You can get banned for hacking the hardware, though, as well as the software. I know breaking into the hardware can get you banned. I do not know how to get into the hardware though. You can get banned for sharing accounts, or even if they think your account has been shared too much.

You can share accounts on someone else’s console, letting them play games you share with them, or set up a profile on their console and play on their system along with them. This is where failing to log off on other systems can create problems. Log on and never off at several friends’ houses and then they play as you can lead to you getting banned. I doubt that would happen, since they would not get accomplishments under their own profiles. You could get banned if they think you hijacked someone’s account, like changing their email or password. I cannot imagine why someone would do that.

To log in as that person and steal content like games or buy PSN credits, watch movies as someone else or simply access their account to steal their credit card information. I’ve heard that charging credit cards and then reversing the charges can get you banned. Yes, which makes identity theft hassles all the worse when the bank reverses all the Sony content you did to forget about the ID theft, causing the account to get banned. I know a ban is essentially a permanent suspension. What else gets you suspended or banned? Reporting others for stuff that is not really serious a few too many times or doxxing people’s identities, even if you know them. Do not spam or scam. In short, play by the rules and pay to play, and you’re good.

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