Why Does My PS4 Keep Lagging?

Why does my PS4 keep lagging? This is frustrating, when you’re trying to run through a virtual warzone, and get stuck in the slow zone. It just cannot keep up with your raging pace of game play. It is more than one game and more than one session. FIFA 15, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and a few others are well known for that problem.

But it might be your connection. If my wireless network was clogged with siblings downloading Bittorrent and uploading movies to Youtube, then I’d agree with you. Yet the issue is even when I’m the only one on the network. So the problem is not just congestion on the wi-fi, but the issue could be a weak wireless connection. If it has poor signal, the data goes through slower to get it through correctly. My wireless connection is 100%. It gets frustrating when the lag is so bad you get kicked off due to lack of connectivity. Try making sure that other devices in the house aren’t trying to update anti-virus or video downloads. Check the PS4 settings and perhaps tell it to run updates at a different time. I’d run an update if I thought it fixed the problem. Patches sometimes fix the problem, but the patch may be for the game or for the PS4. So run the updates on everything and reboot just to be sure.

Sounds like Java and Adobe tech support. There are reports that when one person with a bad connection connects to a game, the game can become laggy for everyone else in the game as the server tries to keep you all in sync. That becomes an interesting situation as you start polling people and asking them to log off. You could try playing locally on your Playstation and connect later to save the achievements. It is more fun to play with others.

And not all games let you play without connecting to the servers. Call of Duty Ghosts launched without servers but added them post-launch, and Advanced Warfare should do the same. But it is annoying until then to worry about a guy in a developing nation or Appalachia logging in and slowing down the game for everyone because he has not much better than dialup connections. Try turning off features like in game chat to use less bandwidth. Play with fewer people if the server is lagging because it tries to have a peer to peer connection with too many peers. Or get a Gigabit router. Doesn’t help you if it is the Sony game servers. So I need to get Sony to get better servers. Or just better software.

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