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What’s up people of YouTube, it’s First Player again. Now I want to talk about something: As a PC Gamer; sometimes I want to play some videogames with a controller, in these cases you have many, many and plenty options to choose a controller and play these videogames. However, there are some things very technical things you should know if you want to play some videogames you will need to check the compatibility of one controller specifically. What I mean is: There are videogames that are based on Consoles and are basically ports to PC This happens as well for PCs to Consoles and there are the universal videogames that are Multi-Platform and are well made, in this case many videogames has some compatibility issues with controllers this kind of compatibility issues, is about a Driver on the controller.

There are two standards: Direct-Input and X-Input. Direct-Input; basically you will find it in almost any controller that is for PC (i. e. Logitech Dual-Action Controller). This controllers particularly it doesn’t has the “X, Y, B or A” buttons on it. it has “1, 2, 3…” and on and on. For this controllers you will need a SoftWare to Map every Key you will want to be recognized by the videogame. For example “9” it’s on the position of the Start of the PSOne Controller so if I’m playing on an emulator of PSOne I’m gonna put the “9” to be emulated as the Start button. You should map every key in order that works correctly, it’s not as a “Plug & Play” you usually configure it.

Meanwhile with the X-Input basically is about MicroSoft controllers, we are talking about of MicroSoft XOne and X360 controllers but now-days Logitech and other brands are implementing on their controllers both: Direct-Input and X-Input in order you have this long compatibility on videogames on PC. As well, there are videogames that doesn’t support controllers like “Counter-Strike”, but anyway who is going to play those videogames with a controller when you have a Keyboard and a Mouse. Those videogames are very well play it with Keyboard and Mouse but what happens if you want to play some videogames like “Paladins: Charm Of The Realm” that has controller support, it hasn’t full controller support, it only supports X-Input, so basically it supports X360 and XOne controllers. But as I said: “There are controllers from brands as Logitech that launched new controllers with both Drivers: Direct-Input and X-Input” so you can choose the mode of your Driver and basically you are going to be fine playing those videogames. So be aware and check the technical specifications of a controller if you plan to buy one for you.

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