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So, the holiday season is in full swing and, with a job in retail, there’s gonna be times I just can’t get a quality video out in time. I’m working on a Halloween related video that I wanted to have out today but it’s looking like that ain’t possible so here’s something to hopefully tide everyone over until I can get that out. Nintendo Switch So, the Nintendo Switch got revealed, and everyone was going crazy over it following it’s reveal. Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks rather impressive. By all means, I hope it does well. But we’ve done this song and dance before. If you’ve somehow missed it, the Switch is essentially a portable system with the power of a console that has a dock which, when docked, will make it a console. There’s more I could go into but every jackass on the internet has been regurgitating the obvious stuff so I’m gonna be the jackass who tries to talk about the other stuff. A lot of people I’ve talked to have been getting really hyped and while I don’t like being a Debbie Downer, I’ve gotta warn you guys that you need to temper your expectations.

That long list of developers that are supporting the console? Yeah, that looks impressive, but until we get actual games out of them, they should all be looked at as empty promises. Remember the list of developers who claimed they’d be supporting the Wii U? Remember how that turned out? Also, while the marketing for the Switch was brilliant in not having a single spoken word, it still left a lot of questions on the table. How much will it cost? Will we be able to use our old controllers? Will the games we’ve downloaded on the WiiU be useless on the Switch? Will there be any sort of backwards compatibility at all? What’s the battery life on this thing? Is it region locked? There’s a lot of questions that aren’t answered yet.

Also, 2K Games and Bethesda have both said that neither NBA 2k nor Skyrim are confirmed for the Switch, effectively saying that their appearance in the trailer really means nothing at all. So, keep that in mind. Bethesda While we’re speaking of the devil, Bethasda just announced that they will no longer be sending review copies of their games out ahead of launch.

They claim that this move is because they want everyone, media and players alike, to experience the games at the same time. Now if anything, I should be applauding them if I were purely motivated by self gain. I mean, this is putting the likes of Polygon and Destructoid on the same level as me, in that they have to wait until release. I could, potentially, get a review out before IGN or Gamespot does. But I’m not a psychopath who’s purely out for myself.

On most days. The fact of the matter is this is purely a move motivated by self gain. Bethesda’s self gain. They know that games reviewers are still gonna try to get that review out on day one because there’s a financial benefit to it and most of them are barely hanging on as it is, they know that reviewers won’t have accurate reviews out that quickly, and they know that reviewers tend to err on the side of positivity in order to avoid hoards of angry fanboys breathing down their necks. They also know that there’s a value to consumers in having a game on day one. They know that there’s a pre-order culture to exploit and it’s much easier to exploit it if there’s no negative press out about their product.

They know that the reviews that will be accurate and informative, that will criticise the game for all its faults won’t be out until a week after release and that’s already past the point where the game makes the majority of it’s profit. When Bethesda says it cares about games reviews, it’s nothing but a load of hot air. They justify the move due to the release of DOOM, a game that was similarly distributed to critics on day one and was very well received all around.

But remember! They only did this because of the VERY NEGATIVE reception of the DOOM beta! They clearly believed that the game they were distributing was going to be negatively reviewed! I believe, without a doubt, Bethesda is expecting at best a lukewarm critical reception for Skyrim Special Edition or Dishonored 2. If they end up widely praised, then it’s just going to be yet more evidence they can point to when when they inevitably start hyping up their own No Man’s Sky. Bethesda is no angel. They’ve made very flawed games in the past, hell, most of their games outside of the id properties have had severe bugs and glitches. I have no doubt in my mind that they will take advantage of their good will and now their critical immunity to release some duds in the future – the question isn’t if, but when.

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