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Welcome to honest reviews For today’s review I will cover a game from PSVITA Valhalla Knights 3 I decided to review Valhalla knights because it gets unfair scores for no reason Its not THAT horrible to deserve a 3 So I am here to tell you why you will like it or not First we’ll talk about “what is” Valhalla knights 3 Valhalla knights is the closest to an MMO rpg without the MMO part meaning that you have many races and a LOT of classes to work with the game has many weapons and armors, and lastly hours grinding. You will find yourself going to the same places to kill the sames enemies over and over again to get loot and exp for your clan Yes you have your clan and this is what I meant MMO you still have your team, but is controlled by the CPU.

You have places to sell and buy gear and NPC’s to take quests from them and a main quest line that you do, to unlock more places in the world. The story is not anything great Its about a lost treasure of someone that everybody’s looking for Wars happening and so on You are a spy in a prison and you are trying to find informations about the treasure Well you will not really pay any attention to the story. Thats basically Valhalla knights. Now let’s get the graphics out of the way The graphics are not anything special but not anything bad either You can appreciate combat, weapons, armors and magic spells you can say that graphics are “ok” for most people.

For me is more than enough. The armors looks nice like most japanese rpgs you can clearly see what spells are being cast and the swings and hits of the weapons are satisfying Now let’s see what are the pros and cons of the game. first lets talk about the races and classes. For the starting classes we have 1) Prisoner 2) Thief 3) Archer 4) Fighter 5) Mage 6) Priest 7) Akatoki And that’s only the first classes you have a tone more to unlock and since every character can have one main and two sub classes you have a lot of combinations to explore. For the races we have 1) Humans 2) Elves 3) Dwarves 4) Haflings And another three to unlock through the game. Its better to see for yourself the other races. Well as you can see it has a lot of races They does not change much, but is a nice touch.

What I don’t really like is the lack of the facial customization of your character Releasing some free dlc’s with hair packs accessories and voices would be a nice addition for the game Now the skill trees. Every class has its own skill tree and when you level up you take points that you can spend to unlock skills and passives every time you unlock all the skills from a class then you unlock a master passive skill that you can activate A lot of variety here to create your character. You can make a fighter that throws comets, or a necromancer that wields dual swords. There are many combinations, and when you start to feel bored with a character, just change his class. Valhalla knights Its the only game so far with so many classes on the Vita There are not many rpg’s out there with so many different classes of course you will think that they choosed quantity over quality, well yes All those classes haven’t So many differences as you can expect like the fighter with the soldier or samurai.

You can say that everyone use melee combat but still they have different skills and attributes for you to try There are many types of weapons that you can wield, and when using the same type you gain proficiency for that weapon I think there are 7 types of weapons in the game, maybe more. Now as you can see there is a variety on races, weapons, classes, but of course they are not vital to your survival in this game I mean you can just create an army of fighters and just bash the skulls of everyone standing on your way But lets face it, most games are like that. You create an army of your choice and choose what playstyle suit you best Of course Whatever is your playstyle, don’t forget to have a priest on your team So now lets talk about the world inside the castle. We have the light district. In the light district you do what you do mostly in an rpg aside from combat You sell your loot, you but items, potions, accept quests and so on Lets say you want to buy some gear for one of your team members.

You go to the shop like in any other rpg, but here to “hire” a hostess so that she can give you her servive well that… doesn’t make any sense but… moving on In this shop you pay 700g to hire her, and after that you are free to buy or sell anything you like Now prepare because here you will see the mechinic that everyone hates! The sexy scenes! yeah you heard that right Well the sexy scene basically is mini game where you touch your vita screen to make the girls “happy” if you do it right you may be lucky and get a unique item, and if you do it many times and all these hearts are filled then you have the choice to take her in your clan Now the most people find this offensive, but please don’t take it too seriously its just a game! You are in a prison what did you expect? Besides you can just NOT use this mechanic by choosing “NO” Yes the creators don’t force you to use it if you are not want you, and that’s kinda cool Now after that we have the lower slums, you can do all the things you could do in the light district, but for free.

Yes you will spend more time here than in the light district. Now the only problem I find in these places is just the loading times.They are just too long. You may have forgoten to do something and then you are like…… BUT you can just use this time to think of what you will do to yournext adventures yes I know loading times are always a pain in the … moving on Basically lower slums have all the shops and the fuctions if you need to change your class or add members to your clan plus a place where you actually can buy an already trained member for your clan to serve you.

So as you can see it has all the fuctions a basic rpg has, and are not bad after all I like the light’s district lights and glows, It makes you fill rich just walking on the street and the lower slums are just as they should be, dark and gloomy there they live the underground members of society, It is actually very well constucted in my opinion Now about your life outside the castle. There are forests desserts mountains. But you will not really care, you are just there to fight not really anything to explore there are actually places to discover but the loading times are annoying and just ruining the expierience Well not the game were you are looking for a treasure box with something valuable inside There are chest around the world, but they are not make any difference Now about the combat Combat is the thing that you will do most in this game.

You go out in the fields and kill everything is on your way to get exp and loot You will using the dash button alot to travel around the world but thankfully dash is not only usefull for travelling but for fighting as well. When you hit someone, if you are very strong he will not try to fight back this is nice because you are able to see your progress and you feel that you gained stenght Now, hitting just the x button will not do you any good, you need to learn the timing with each different type of weapon and make an endless combo, raising your combo counter is usefull to maximise the expierience you will get at the end of the encounder. There are many saying that, combat is slow, the answer is no Combat is not slow by any means, when you start a battle its better to have already selected the clan member you want to be Yes you can be any character you want from your clan any time in any place So you never get bored for having always the same class, Now the battle begins and everything is running Mages starting to cast fires, throwing comets, and poisons.

The fighters are charging and there things gets interesting when you have to look not only for your health bar but the health of all your clan members, and don’t feel alone because your team members are not stupid like other games Here they will heal you, they will buff you and they will resurect you if you fall in battle just like if you were playing an MMO Battles feel good in this game because there are many things going on at the same time Its not a fast paced action game with battles like dark souls but still you have the choice to parry if you are a more skilled player.

Now after you detroyed a clan or a monster pact then you do the same thing over and over again to gain exp and loot The enemies are sparse in the map, that’s a little annoying sometimes it could be a lot better if you had more enemies to battle but still they are enough to make this game work. Now lets talk a little about the quests and NPCs There are the quests you do to boost your income and the main quest to unlock more places in the castle but that’s it The characters are not memoriable and you will not really feel any bonds with anyone You will not really care about the story, but the good thing is that it will not bore you to death The problem with the story mostly is the lack of voice overs and the cutscenes It has a lot of funny moments but sadly they are not executed well.

Now about the music and sound Well Its not the best. Its not memoriable for sure, I believe music is a very big part of a game sadly they didn’t add much to it Music is just there but its not anything special Now the sounds that your weapons are making when you hit something are really satisfying So the conclution is that this game is not so bad as everyone decribes it The cons for most people I think are 1) not the best cut scenes you’ll find in a game 2) the music in not anything special 3) some features are offensive for some reason for some people, I guess 4) The enemies are sparse in the map, which sometimes it can be annoying 5) You do not really have fun exploring new places, you just want to fight 6) Loading time The cons for me are 1) loading time and 2) sparse enemies The pros for me are 1) Heavy customization features 2) Nice and addictive combat system.

3) You are able to create from scratch your new team members. 4) The hostess feature which is a plus for me 5) and lastly its on Vita And that’s about it. Its up to you if you like the game or not. I was looking for a year a game like that A year or so,I wanted to play an MMO but single player and that was the game I was looking for If you like grinding to buy new nice looking armors and weapons to go to the next boss and own it Then this game is for you Now if you are looking for a game with a very deep story and a world like skyrim no this game is not for you I believe this game is PERFECT for your vita Now for the score, I give this game an Its a medium game with its flaws, but its still great And no, is not a low score.by any means Low score is 3, 2 or 1.

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