Upcoming MMORPGs in 2015

2015 has just started and this year we have a large amount of MMOs that are already close to being finished by their developers. All the games that we have added in our list of 5 upcoming MMORPGs for 2015 have amazed gamers and critics alike through their beautiful graphics, unique game worlds and wonderful mechanics! Each one of us has different tastes when it comes to MMOs, but these 5 games are more than enough to quench your thirst when it comes to online gaming goodness! 1. Shards Online http://shardsonline.com/ This astonishing game is set to break new grounds when it comes to creating massive lands and immersive quests. In Shards Online you can create your own home, build a house, tame animals, craft items and even employ NPCs to perform the daily tasks as well.

The game is focused a lot on exploration and you can play using your own rules. Everything in this game is customizable, so you are the one in control over your experience! Shards Online requires you to buy it once, and then there is no monthly subscription. 2. The Repopulation https://www.therepopulation.com/ The Repopulation is an MMO that has a sci-fi setting in which you will find numerous social aspects that you are already accustomed with. With great graphics, an immense number of regions to visit and the ability to build cities, select mayors and even create nations, The Repopulation is focused a lot on the social aspect and it also brings numerous missions to boot as well.

3. Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/ Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a new breed of MMO that comes in the form of episodic content which is going to be released periodically. Alongside that, you get an offline, singleplayer mode, as well as player driven economy, combat system based on skill, an interesting PVP as well as a wide range of multiplayer modes as well. This game will require you to purchase it, and then any upgrades are included for free. 4. The Division http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/ The Division is a game with the action set in a post-apocalyptic New York. The title comes with numerous survival elements, the ability to explore the game world at your own pace and create teams if you want.

There is large amount of depth that is unprecedented for third person shooters. With things such as trading, companion gaming, seamless exploration and impressive objectives, The Division brings a new approach to the MMO genre! 5. Camelot Unchained http://camelotunchained.com/ This game is focused on a number of different game mechanics. First of all, you have the housing, crafting, and then is the realm versus realm action. You will be able to level up only during the realm versus realm phases, because the game doesn’t provide quests or mob killing. Alongside that, Camelot Unchained brings an interesting economy which will dominated by people that craft items! Camelot Unchained will require a monthly subscription. These are the best paid and subscription based MMORPGs that are set to launch during 2015. Despite the fact that the MMO market is shifting towards a free to play model in order to attract more players, these 5 games, alongside many others, show that subscription based and paid MMOs are still going strong and they are in great demand as well.

These titles are well worth adding in your gaming calendar this year, so keep an eye on them as they get close to the launch date!

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