Upcoming HD Remasters on PS4 and Xbox One

There’s plenty of HD remasters being released in 2015 and it’s great for new players or people who missed these games in the original release. Some of these games were released during the PS2 generation so the HD upgrade is definitely worthwhile. Let’s take a look at these upcoming HD remastered games. God Of War 3 God Of War is finally coming to the Playstation 4. The classic God Of War 3 game originally released for PS3 is being remastered for 1080p 60 frames per second with all the previous DLC costumes and content. The environmental lighting, the character details, and facial expressions have all been tweaked for the new remaster. The remastered version promises to bring epic battles to life with stunning graphics and the epic story of Kratos in the center of all the mayhem. This remaster is scheduled to be released on July 14, 2015 only on Playstation 4. Devil May Cry 4 It�s been seven years since the original Devil May Cry 4 was released on the last gen consoles, and now it�s making it�s way to PS4 and Xbox One. The special edition by Capcom will feature new modes, gameplay and visual improvements, and the largest roster of playable characters in any Devil May Cry game to date.

You will finally be able to play as Vergil who is truly a fan favorite. His new technique is called �Concentration� which makes his attacks grow stronger and stronger the more calmly and flawlessly he fights. He also has the �Grim Trick� ability which allows Vergil to teleport using his �Sword Illusions�. His playstyle is completely different from Nero or Dante. The new mode includes �Legendary Dark Knight mode� where players fight against a tremendous number of enemies, The game also features a ton of new costumes. This game should appeal to both hardcore players and those new to the Devil May Cry series. The release date is scheduled for Summer 2015. Final Fantasy X / X-2 The Final Fantasy X and X � 2 remaster bring the game back for owners of the PS4. The remaster has been boosted up to 1080p with improved water effects and lighting.

Other changes include the addition of bloom, the move from circular to dynamic shadows and tweaks to environmental geometry and textures. 3D models have also been revised for both games. The PS4 version has a few new features including support for save transfers from PS3 or vita, remote play on Vita, and switching between the original and remastered soundtracks. If you missed this game way back on PS2 or you are new to the series, this version is definitely the one to get. The release date is scheduled for May 12 exclusively on the PS4. Legend Of Kay Anniversary Legend Of Kay is probably is probably the biggest sleeper hit in our lineup. It was a cult classic 3D platformer when it came out back on the Playstation 2, but it’s finally receiving a remaster from publisher Nordic games. The game puts you in control of Kay, a hotheaded young cat and a martial arts student. His martial arts school is being shutdown and he has to journey out of town to save it. The game has a dynamic combination of platforming and hack and slash fighting. The combat and the weapons you get to use it make the game tons of fun.

The remaster features high resolution textures, more detailed character models, modern rendering techniques, and crystal clear surround sound. Legend of Kay is scheduled for release on June 30 for both the PS4 and Wii U. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Payday 2 is the classic multiplayer heisting shooter. You team up with 3 other players to collect cash in both stealth and loud scenarios. Bank robbing, drug runs, stealing valueables, Payday has a ton of variety. The game is very addictive as you level up to unlock new guns, accessories, and masks up to level 100. Payday 2 was a huge hit on PC and most the new content and updates skipped the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

This time around Crimewave edition will bring all the DLC and patch updates to the PS4 and Xbox One. Payday 2 has consistent and rising popularity so the game is perfect for players who love online shooters. The game is scheduled for release on June 16 for PS4 and Xbox One. Subscribe to the skilled channel for more Upcoming games compilations.

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