Upcoming Free To Play MMORPG PC Games in 2015

There are several interesting MMOs being released in 2015. The trend has been moving towards sandbox and dynamic games. We’ll see that newer games are including player housing, player content creation, and more dynamic environments. Let’s take a look at these upcoming games. Maple Story 2 Maple Story 2 now has an amazing 3d world and is focused on content creation. This game will be more open-ended than the last. Focusing on player content creation and socialization as you quest through the game. Player housing is created by you, block by block. There are multiple party games to play with your friends. Action is now fast paced hack and slash similar to diablo with the isometric camera style. The game features eight classes: Assassin, Berserker, Bandit/Chief, Gunslinger, Knight, Priest, Ranger, and Wizard.

Each set of classes will use its own weapon and have a unique fighting style. H1Z1 H1Z1 is a survival MMO sandbox game. The game has a massive open world scale and takes place after the zombie apocalypse. The game focuses on surviving against zombies as well as team building. Zombie AI is unpredictable and can be anywhere. The crafting system will allow you to create tools, weapons, traps, and explosives. The game focuses on a persistent world that you will constantly have to fight in to survive. Skyforge Play like a God in Skyforge. Skyforge focuses on action combat and goes beyond the old fashioned tab targeting style gameplay.

You can also swap between classes at any time, so you’ll never be locked in. The game is smooth and action packed, similar to current MMO games like Tera. Playing as a God, you’ll actually build a legion of followers who help increase your power. Black Desert Black Desert is another Korean MMORPG with a huge open sandbox world. Character customization is incredibly in depth, you can narrow it down to the finest details. The game also features an interesting Parkour system that will allow you to traverse environments in a more interesting way. Castle sieges are another unique feature in Black Desert. You will actually be able to attack opposing castles with artillery creating all out war. There’s also a weather system that affects different parts of the world and their environments. This game is striving to be one of the most dynamic MMOs of 2015. Albion Online Albion Online focuses highly on the sandbox features. The economy is driven by player crafting. Players will have to spend plenty of time gathering materials in the open world, but they will have the ability to craft the most deadly weapons.

The game will feature territorial PvP combat as you battle for control of the world. You’ll have plenty of player customization options, in fact you won’t be locked into one class. Classes are gear dependent, so you’ll be able to change your role very quickly. Player housing let’s you swap as many items as you like, and this will have a direct influence on your character. This is also one of the few games that is completely cross platform. You will be able to play the same game across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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