CGRundertow UNCHARTED: FIGHT FOR FORTUNE for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

The Uncharted series has provided some of the most memorable moments on the Playstation 3, and then took its talents to the Vita with Golden Abyss and done the exact same thing. Well now Uncharted returns to the Vita, but not in the form you might expect, exchanging polished cinematics and climbing, for card battles and strategy. That’s right, Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is a downloadable, cheap Uncharted themed card battle game. But like the other games in the series, it is just as addicting and fun to pick up. As mentioned, this is a card battle game. Nathan Drake has found himself smashed into a two-dimensional world where winning a fight is less about his trigger finger speed, and more about his reasoning and planning. The battles take place in phases or turns, each with its own objective and thinking.

First you need to pick a character from one of three categories, either heroes, villains, or mercs. Each has an attack strength and defense, so you must choose wisely. After you have selected your Nathan Drake, or Elana etc, you put them into play in one of five spots. After you have that figured out, it’s time to do what Uncharted does best, digging for fortune. Ok, it’s little less exciting this time around, but exciting nonetheless. Fortune cards help you earn fortune, which is basically your currency. You can attach them to card and earn fortune the next turn, or bank them immediately but for much less. Then comes resource cards, which enhances your current cards or attacks your opponents. These range from adding defense to attack strength, to directly attacking your opponent or their cards. These however cost fortune points, adding just another layer to this already delicious card battling cake. This all sounds a little too complicated, and your first couple matches will see you struggling. But the game does have a nice tutorial that easily breaks everything down. There are a few different ways to play.

There is the single player, which does a good job with opponent AI that will definitely challenge you. But a game like this really shines in the multiplayer, which has online and pass and play. You actually get a day or two to make a play, so it makes for great pick up and play and you can have multiple games going at once. A real nice touch. And everything has a nice presentation and look, with nice card designs and colors.

Uncharted Fight for Fortune is a bold move, taking Uncharted away from the familiar and into something completely new. It’s cheap and fun, and welcoming for more.

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