Trying AMD Ryzen

– Hey guys, this is Austin. If you’re into computers you’ve probably heard about AMD’s Ryzen, but what’s all the hype about? So AMD invited us out to San Francisco where we got to learn a ton about the brand new Ryzen 7 processors. Now these are high-end, we’re talking about prices between $330 and $500, however they have very high-end performance to match. All Ryzen 7 processors have eight cores with hyper-threading, you can overclock them and they don’t even have integrated graphics. They really are completely targeted toward the high-end desktop market, whether you’re gaming, editing, whatever. So what I’m curious about is what they’re actually like to use. So the first thing I wanna check out is the demo showcase. So AMD has a lot of different Ryzen systems here, including a couple maybe core i7s. So one of the big advantages that Ryzen has are more cores, they’re just about as fast as what you’ll find on the Intel side. So for example, at about the same price, on this side they have an R7 1700 and on this side there’s an i7-7700K. Now the big difference here is that while this is a four-core hyper-threaded system, this is an eight-core hyper-threaded system.

So in theory we should be able to see a pretty big difference. So Ryzen looks like it’s going to be a bit faster, so right now we’re averaging about 63 frames per second here whereas on the i7 it’s about 58. So this is a good example, so the Ryzen chip, even though it does have eight cores, it’s running at about like 3.1, gigahertz whereas the i7 is running at about right now. But more cores are definitely going to help with a task like this. Like here we go, so it’s finishing up and it took almost exactly one minute, whereas over here, minute and 10 seconds.

So not a huge difference, but I think this is a good example of why more cores can definitely be helpful when it comes to video editing, streaming, that kind of stuff. – [Linus] This chip on the right costs less than this chip on the left. – [Austin] Really? – Yeah. Wait oh sh– (Austin laughs) You were at the same presentation I was! – Don’t worry, I’ll go round this side. What have you guys seen yet? – Saw [censored]. – What? Looks like a pretty standard looking cooler, it’s definitely a big card though. So this is pretty much the full like 2017 AMD setup. So not only does it have the new Ryzen CPU, but also has a really cool graphics card so we can actually play on it right now. Based on the size of it I assume this is probably one of their totally normal GPUs but I honestly have no idea, but it runs Battlefront.

I feel like I need to leave here before someone yells at me, I don’t think I’m supposed to be looking at this. So what’s interesting here is that while these are both eight-core CPUs, the Ryzen chips are going to be significantly less expensive. So this guy runs I think about like $1000 or so, whereas even the high-end Ryzen, the 1800X, that’s still only going to be $500. And if you don’t need that extra clock speed you can get an eight-core chip for 330 bucks. The amount of cores you need does depend on what you’re doing, so for gaming I still do think that four cores is still probably going to be enough. Eight cores is not going to magically make your game run twice as fast. However if you are doing things like editing, streaming, that kind of stuff, then the extra power can come in handy, especially when you consider that it’s about the same price and you’re just getting more. Kinda seems like a no-brainer, but of course we will find out when I actually get my hands on not Cinebench at the AMD demo room.

Ryzen 7 will be available for pre-order starting today and will be on sale March 1st. So you get three different options, there’s Ryzen 7 1700, which will cost you $330, there’s 1700X which will cost you $400, and there’s 1800X which will cost you $500. Now even though that’s a big price difference, they’re all eight-core and they’re all essentially the same. The biggest difference is the clock speed and how high you could overclock. On top of Ryzen 7, which is exciting on the high-end, if the leaks and rumors are to be believed, then there might be some lower-end options coming soon.

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