CGR Undertow – TOUCH MY KATAMARI review for PlayStation Vita

If someone were to ask me if I wanted to play Touch My Katamari, I would be very hesitant because that sounds like something homeless people on the bus ask. But no, instead of a game that only has positive consequences for one of the players, Touch My Katamari is the continuation of the Katamari Damacy series onto the Playstation Vita, with the touch coming from the Vita’s special features. The story for the game, is as absolutely insane as previous titles in the series. Our old friend, the King of all Cosmos overhears a young boy ask his parents who is more awesome, the King of all Cosmos or his school principal.

His parents can’t answer and simple say, “they are equally awesome.” This sends the King into a madness and it is up to you, the Prince, to help him right his name and leave no doubt that he is the most awesome being in the universe. And how do you accomplish such a task? By rolling up Katamaris and putting them into the night’s sky. The core gameplay is the same as previous games in the series. You will go around the many different areas and roll up as many objects with your sticky Katamari as you can in the given time limit. The bigger you get your Katamari, the bigger objects you can pick up. So keep on rolling. Thankfully, the Vita has two analog sticks, making rolling Katamaris on a portable easier than ever before.

You are not restricted to just using the sticks. No sir, this is the Vita so there are new fancy control schemes which surprisingly work really well. You can roll around simply by using the touch screen, pushing and pulling the Katamari with your finger, thus reinforcing the title of the game. Everything can be done with touch, using either the front screen or back touchpad. Tapping fingers will do 180 degree turns, charge your rolls, and swipe from side to side. There are some things that are new to the Vita. You can now stretch or squeeze your Katamari. You can flatten it out to pick up many objects or elongate it to fit into narrow corridors. It comes in handy more often than you would think and many areas of the level are geared toward these features. Also the game looks great, with bright and wonderful colors, all under that Katamari charm that lives somewhere between Japanese and wonkers crazy. While it doesn’t radically change anything about the Katamari series, the game is still a great addition. The new controls work and gameplay features work together perfectly to give possibly the best Katamari game yet.

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