Top Xbox One RPG So Far | Best XB1 roleplaying games

Opening our list of Top 10 Xbox One RPG’s is Elite: Dangerous Be the Han Solo of the cosmos in this Role-Playing Space-Game that really makes you into a master smuggler. Elite: Dangerous tackles combat and trading like most space simulations do. It’s exhilarating and puts you into a wild ride in space. The game is praised for its seamless controls and UI, visuals, sound and the variety of customization. It has a PlayScore of 9th place is The Escapists What happens if you take a good mix of The Shawshank Redemption and Prison Break? The result is a fun and crazy prison breakout experience.

The Escapists plays on the various possibilities of getting out of a maximum security prison. Plan the most elaborate escape by learning guard schedules, drainage systems or even start a prison riot for an uncontrolled chaos. The game also provides a ton of humor to keep you entertained for hours and hours and hours… until you get out of jail. It has a PlayScore of Ranked 8th is Hyper Light Drifter In Whatoplay, an Indie Game will always get equal attention regardless of genre. Hyper Light Drifter is a staggering example of brilliant game design told in a classic-style RPG. The core appeal of this game is through its wordless story and vibrant visuals. The game is packed with amazing boss fights, a glorious soundtrack, tons of secrets and lore to keep players on their seat. Its fast gameplay coupled with exploration elements are a good blend for players seeking fun rather than stale progress. It has a PlayScore of 7th is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Step into a cyberpunk version of Prague in this latest entry to Adam Jensen’s conspiracy-seeking adventures.

Mankind Divided is a systemic upgrade to Human Revolution. The hybrid of Third and First-Person mechanics makes a compelling stealth-action atmosphere in its world ridden with cybernetic hardwares. The main highlight of Mankind Divided is its emphasis on completing a quest with your own approach. Use your enhanced bodily augmentations and perform the most daring feats in infiltration and sabotage. Mankind Divided has a PlayScore of 6th place is Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Embark on a perilous quest in a world torn by evil. Original Sin is a beloved game that highlights the importance of a ‘classless’ RPG system. Travel with a group of 4 either split-screen or online to slay ugly beasts, cast the most powerful spells or just wreak havoc in its environmental manipulation gameplay. It is literally up to you. The game is letting you bask in a ‘choice-driven’ journey with its dynamic turn-based gameplay and deep story. This enhanced edition contains new modes, voices, story, etc. for your gaming pleasure. It has a PlayScore of Ranked 5th is Dragon Age: Inquisition Become the Inquisitor and save the world from a cataclysm that might possibly end all life.

Inquisition is a direct sequel to the Dragon Age series. This third installment marks the redefined standards of BioWare in terms of World-Building, Characters and Story-Driven elements. Select from a wide range of classes and lead your Inquisition and defeat the scoundrels of darkness in the series’ most fast-paced tactical combat yet. Immerse yourself in breathtaking vistas, romance the most favorable characters, slay dragons and save the world with a PlayScore of 8.73. 4th in our list is Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition It is the Ultimate Diablo Experience as what Blizzard would call it. Forget Overwatch, Hearthstone, Starcraft or whatever games for the moment and step into the darkest depths of sanctuary in this enhanced version of Diablo III. Ultimate Evil Edition comes with the original game and The Reaper Of Souls Expansion. It also comes with enhanced gameplay features like refined graphics, new modes and more loot! It has a PlayScore of 3rd place is Dark Souls III A game that has spawned numerous and hilarious memes about the brutality of its difficulty. This third installment to the Souls series adds more monstrosity and darkness for the players seeking for more.

The game is unforgiving to the very core. The staggering visuals, the eerie atmosphere and the fun of exploration beneath its God-forsaken world looms over your controller. With gameplay so fast and weapons so crazy, you’ll be greeted with an equal amount of fast and crazy to its monsters as well. It has a PlayScore of 2nd is The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Two Swords, White Hair, Scar on the left eye, I’m sure everyone is familiar with the features of the best Monster Slayer in the Realm of Videogames. That, if you want to talk about its over 800 Awards. The Witcher III is a stellar achievement in gaming. It boasts a semi-open world to explore, a story to uncover, a child of prophecy to find and tons of hours playing Gwent. Just recently, the Game of the Year edition has been launched and features both of its massive DLC’s that contain more than 40 hours of gameplay. Now that’s content. It has a PlayScore of a HERE ARE THE RUNNERS-UP BEFORE WE REVEAL THE NUMBER ONE: And the best Xbox One RPG of so far is Fallout 4 Welcome to a world blown apart by a nuclear explosion and say hello to something that never changes: War.

Bethesda unveils its latest work in open-world games in Fallout 4. Set in a post-apocalyptic Boston, survive in the clutches of humanity and irradiated monsters with the help of your friends and your dog. Use Fallout’s unique VAT system to kill enemies with style. Explore abandoned cities, follow a Brotherhood, confuse yourself with Religion, play the expansions or just simply find your baby that was once lost in your hands. Oh, wait. Before we reveal the PlayScore It has a Playscore of For more gaming updates, subscribe, give us a like and share this video to your friends or follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram and google+.

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