Top 50 PS4 Exclusives 2016 – 50 Most Anticipated PlayStation Games

[Whispered] Venom Hi everyone, how you doing? Welcome! My name is Venom. Last year was a blazing success story for PlayStation 4. It’s because of it’s massive sales lead that PS4 has managed to secure so many exclusives. And it’s in 2016 that PlayStation 4 will stamp its mark on the console generation, with an avalanche of standout games that will take advantage of the hardware and define its legacy.

This specially curated list has been carefully selected to reflect the awesome diversity of titles that are coming. Not every-game is for every-one, but there will be something in here that is right for you I have split this list into 5 sets of ten, with a direct link to each provided in the show notes, so you can watch each one when you’re ready to. So here is my look at the 50 Most Anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives of 2016, including games that are console exclusive or family exclusive.

Let’s begin. Horizon: Zero Dawn is post-apocalyptic open-world action RPG set in a lush and vibrant world where humans struggle for survival in a land dominated by giant mechanised dinosaurs. You take the role of Aloy, a skilled and brave hunter. On a quest to protect your tribe you must make the dangerous journey to seek out the secrets of the fallen civilisation for anything that will give humanity a fighting chance to survive. This is the first brand new IP from Guerilla Games in over a decade and it’s clear they have invested heavily in it. The story has been written by John Gonzalez, the man behind the critically and fan-acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas which should give it a solid grounding and an abundance of gratifying missions. It features graphics comparable to Killzone: Shadow Fall but with a play-style that has significantly more depth and freedom.

There is a focus on resource hunting, and energetic melee combat where you can takedown the mechanised creatures in a variety of explosive ways. Horizon: Zero Dawn promises to be all kinds of wonderful, if it delivers on its promise, this could be the big one just in time for the Christmas holidays. It’s time to buckle-up! Gran Turismo is the definitive racing car franchise. Renown for including a massive selection of world-class licensed vehicles and having the most accurate driving physics in a console game. Its history is entwined with the PlayStation platform as each game has been a flagship title on each generation of PlayStation console. Now it’s time for it to make it’s debut on PS4 with Gran Turismo Sport.

GT Sport will feature a Campaign Mode, Arcade Mode and Sports Mode. Single player and multiplayer racing. There will also be two world championship competitions that are going to be ratified by real-life racing organisation, the FIA. You can either race to support your favourite car manufacturer or race for your country. There will also be support for the PSVR virtual reality headset. Gran Turismo Sport will be the perfect introduction to the gameplay mechanics of Gran Turismo 7. It’s time to buckle-up! Ni-Oh was originally intended to be a movie with a game tie-in.

It’s been reimagined and reborn as a bona-fide PS4 exclusive. A dark action role-playing game that’s best described as Dark Souls meets Onimusha. Set in 16th century Sengoku-era Japan, you play as William, a blond-haired exorcist Samurai on a quest to defeat the Demons that are overrunning your kinsmen. You use traditional Japanese sword-stances to powerful effect to fight and defeat enemies. It also features Demon-Souls-like asynchronous gameplay so you will see swords of other players who have died before you.

Swords that reproduce a ghost of the deceased player who will attack you, but if you defeat them you can gain additional equipment. Nioh is a dark and exciting game that blends action with Japanese history and supernatural mythology and the challenge level could make this perfect for well-seasoned players. Ratchet & Clank were blasted onto the gaming world almost 15 years ago in a PS2 platformer. The game has now been reimagined for the PS4 generation. Made specifically to tie-in with the upcoming motion-picture, it takes the same characters, the sci-fi setting, the humour, the outlandish weapons and modernises them whilst adding new planets to visit.

The gameplay has also been updated so that it blends the best elements of the recent PS3 games. Of course the visuals have been so much improved it looks worlds apart from the original. It’s so cutesy-beautiful, you really could mistake it for being a Pixar movie. So if you want to return to the Solana Galaxy and meet Captain Qwark in a battle against Chairmen Drek, then pick up Ratchet & Clank for an unashamedly old-school adventure. Epic is the powerhouse studio behind industry standard game creation tools Unreal Engine, and the original Gears of War trilogy. Paragon is their first major game of the new gen. It’s a third-person action MOBA.

A competitive game of 5 vs 5 as each team tries to push into their opponent’s base to destroy its core – which has automatic defences to help protect it. Featuring a diverse range of heroes for you to choose and each team has an AI-controlled army of servants called Minions that march for you onto your opponents base. What’s interesting about this game is that it is a MOBA first, so there are some deep layers of strategy built-in that take advantage of the 3rd person view. There are different levels of elevation, ground where some parts are higher than other which can be used to players’ advantage to attack enemies on a lower level. And there areas that you make a surprise flank of opponents. Paragon is free-to-play and is yet another game that features cross-play between PC and PlayStation 4 players and is console exclusive to PS4 is 2016. Persona RPGs are coming-of-age stories. Likewise Persona 5 is part school-life simulator, where adolescents who are maturing socially and physically into young adults also have an awakening of their Persona abilities, special powers.

At the same a series of peculiar occurrences are taking place and there is a mystery that is just waiting to be uncovered. The pupils must learn to use their personas on a journey of self-discovery against the darkness that they will inevitably face. P5 has beautiful 3d cell-shaded anime graphics, will feature a turn-based attack system, exploration of dungeons and a rich story with a cool acid jazz and J-pop soundtrack. Persona 5 is exclusive to PS3 and PS4, with the latter featuring enhanced visuals. Boundless clearly has Minecraft in its DNA, but there is a twist: it’s an open-world sandbox persistent universe where cross-platform play is possible between PC and PlayStation. You of course have the ability to craft, to build and to explore.

The bespoke voxel game engine gives the game almost limitless freedom in creating procedurally generated terrains and weather systems, matched with the vibrant colours it imbues the landscapes a surreal beauty. You can play the game in any number of ways. You can set off on quest to gain loot and fight enemies, even teaming up with other players to defeat the mighty Protectors or even the behemoth-sized Titans. You can craft your own unique items and offer them to other players or even build your own space-zoo and make money by charging others for entry! It also has it’s own back-story telling of the extinct race of explorers – the Oort. It is their technology that built the portals allowing you to journey to the other side of the universe.

Boundless is a game that celebrates player freedom in a new open-universe. Oh how we’ve missed you! It’s been a long wait but Nathan Drake, the don of third-person action adventurers, is finally back. Forget about the artificial-controversies and the, not unreasonable, delays; Naughty Dog haven proven they will take the time to craft a game of the very highest calibre. In Uncharted 4, we’ll get to catch-up with some old faces, and get to meet some new ones.

As Nathan sets-out on a dangerous quest to find some very mysterious pirate treasure. The most recent video footage shows animation that is stunning in both its level of detail and it’s artistry. The linear gameplay (of the genre), that has been perfected for telling a narrative adventure, has received the first major overhaul for over two generations: Naughty Dog call it ‘Wide linear.’ It empowers them to fully control the mood & pace of storytelling in a controlled environment, whilst giving the player a much greater sense of freedom to explore the game world via multiple paths and to have a closer emotional connection to the story. Action, High-adventure, Exploration, stealth, big set-pieces, , Naughty Dog promises to deliver it all in the game that will raise the bar this generation in technical achievement. Join Nathan Drake in his last chapter, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Project Trico was first publicly revealed in 2009 as a PlayStation 3 title. After a protracted development schedule it’s finally set to release an extraordinary seven years later, now renamed The Last Guardian.

It’s the tale of a young boy who befriends a mysterious bird/cat creature named Trico. As they form a bond of trust they set off on a journey of a lifetime. The Last Guardian is an action-adventure with many puzzle elements. Designed and created by Fumito Ueda, the auteur behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, it shares many thematic elements with his previous games including dual protagonists where co-operative gameplay is used to further the narrative of their growing emotional closeness. The game uses an advanced physics engine to accurately depict Trico as a living creature with realistic movements and natural animation that looks sublime. Sony’s continuous funding of the title, when other developers might have pulled the plug, shows their faith in it and their profound commitment to gaming because they have prioritised artistic vision and integrity over profits.

This faith looks set to be rewarded with a unique adventure that has the emotional punch of Ico and Journey combined, in a true PS4 exclusive. Who would have that the boy Sean Murray and his dreams of adventures amongst the stars could mature into the most ambitious indie game ever, and spark a frenzy across the entire computer and video game industry! No Man’s Sky is a space adventure exploration and combat game that look like it can recapture that wonder of when you first played games; that you can enter the game world and do anything and go anywhere! Strap yourself into your Horizon Omega ship. Upgrade your weapons. Fit a hyperdrive. Become a trader, a miner, a smuggler, a bounty hunter. Discover new planets, new creatures. Name that which has no name. Uncover the secrets at the heart of the universe. Make your mark on the galaxy. This is the one to watch, No Man’s Sky will go Stratospheric ! San Diego Studios brings the excitement of Major League baseball night, direct into your home in one of the most critically acclaimed sports franchises ever.

New features include Showtime so you can slow down the action for more precise control and the ability to import your career from the last edition. Based on Celtic myth, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a combat adventure that follows lead character Senua on a journey through a nightmarish underworld whilst having to face her own inner demons. The character model has been completely redesigned and is based on photographer, and sometimes model, Melina Juergens. Hellblade will deliver superior combat with a rich character story. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune is spin-off game from the Dead or Alive fighting franchise, featuring many of the female characters in a series of mini-games. It delights in highlighting the attractive physiques and feminine nature of the characters, with the PS4 version featuring improved breast dynamics. Sadly a vocal minority of US game websites have led to Tecmo deciding to not release this in the West. Thankfully there is an English language track and there are plenty of international stores including Play Asia that will import it for you.

The Forest is an indie open world survival horror game. You are a plane crash survivor on a island filled with insane cannibals. Unlike other games of the genre the openness means you are free to play how you want, craft, run, hide or kill. Be prepared for a game that is both intense and frightening. Matt Nava, the art director of BAFTA award winning game Journey has set up his own studio. Its first project is ABZÛ which takes players on an epic adventure underneath the depths of the ocean. A swimming simulator where you must navigate your way amongst the serene and more predatory aquatic animals. As you explore a powerful narrative story will unfold. God Eater 2: Rage Burst is a fast and dynamic action role playing game that builds upon the story arc of the original.

There are now bolt-on attacks called Blood Arts, new character episodes. Battle the dangerous beast known as the Aragami and you can become a God Eater! In near-realistic flight combat simulator, Ace Combat 7, you get to fly in modern aircraft and engage in dogfights. It will also feature support for PlayStation VR. WiLD is a hugely ambitious survival adventure game set 10,000 years ago in a land of humans, animals and mystical beings. As a human you can use shamanic powers to possess wild animals to help you with your objectives. Avoid the cannibal tribes. Live in harmony with nature. Summon the divine… but beware the unpredictable consequences….

WiLD looks set to be a refreshingly different and wondrous game. Yakuza is the spiritual successor of Shenmue. It takes Yu Suzuki’s design action-RPG blueprint and uses it for a game set in present-day Japan amongst amongst the criminal underworld. Kiwami is a remake of the original Yakuza, it includes additional content and features improved graphics. Whilst a Western localisation hasn’t been confirmed, it was number 1 in Japan making an English soundtrack or subtitled version more likely. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is a space-JRPG, the latest in the classic franchise.

There is seamless transitions between the real-time action battle and cutscenes giving the player a more immersive experience. Set two years after the events of Resident Evil 6, Umbrella Corps takes the loneliness of the survival horror genre and reimagines it a multiplayer shooter with players fighting zombies. It also has a single-player horde mode to practice your combat skills. Everybody’s Golf, also known as HotShots Golf, is a golf game that focuses on the fun experience. It’s combines avatar-cutesy graphics and combines them with realistic golf mechanics and physics. Nier Automata is set in the same post-apocalyptic world as PS3/360 game Nier. Is the time of the Machine Wars where humans battle an alien race of beings using YoRHa androids. You take control of one, called Model 2B in a fast-pace action game. An adventure-puzzle game set in a beautiful land depicted with vibrant cell-shaded graphics. In Hob you use your metal arm to push blocks, to grapple surfaces and even as a shield as you traverse a land of strange machinery. King of Fighters XIV development is being led by Yasuyuki Oda, the battle designer behind the highly lauded Street Fighter IV.

The game will feature 50 fighters mixing a roster of old favourites and new characters. The inclusion of the Max Mode system will mean you can be sure to deliver a knock-out punch. The aliens have taken over and this is the last chance for humanity to fight back and regain control. Alienation is an explosive shooter that takes you on a Xeno slaughter fest – as you take back your home planet. There’s a full campaign, online co-op of 4-player squads and Player vs Player. Crossing Souls is set in 1986 California and is the story of a group of school-friends who discover a mysterious artefact that threatens their quiet town and takes them between the two planes of reality: life and death. It’s an unashamedly old-school action adventure with RPG touches. Explore, solve puzzles and fight against an army to avoid a war between worlds.

The 8-bit graphic styling’s in this instance, are a perfect fit as they are representative of the game graphics of the era. It combines all them feels of 80s movies, cartoons, games, and the feeling of being a kid wanting to break out into a world of adventure. I have high hopes for this one. Based on the 16-bit era classic, Shadow of the Beast is a platform action adventure. You play as Aarbron who was kidnapped as a child and corrupted into a monster. As you explore a variety of wildly different levels with parallax backgrounds, gameplay features brutal combat attacks against enemies World of Final Fantasy is a game that pays tribute to its heritage.

Using chibi-style graphics that are reminiscent of early FF games, it’s set in the world of Grimoire which is inhabited by classic Final Fantasy characters and monsters. You play as twin brother and sister, Lann and Reyne who have the power to change between their Chibi and normal forms and provides the means to make the game accessible to newcomers and experienced gamers alike. Loading Human is a VR only game, but I’ve included it because it promises to be so much more then just a tech-demo, it has the potential to be a new type of gaming. It’s an adventure game that blends a deep story, interactivity, and physical gameplay within a compelling sci-fi universe set in the 22nd century.

It takes you on an voyage across the Arctic and space and a VR environment for all kinds of meta game/reality… stuff! There is a romance aspect that could make it emotionally involving for players because of the sense of presence! What is especially intriguing is that this is a ‘real’ game in the vein of a Half-Life. Furi is an exhilarating combat game where you Enter into a series of duels with deadly adversaries, each with their own distinct combat style that requires you to focus and use skill to defeat them. It features ultra-sensitive controls, an explosive electro soundtrack and Guardians that have been designed by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki. Divide is an sci-fi action adventure presented in the isometric style that was so popular in the late 80s and early 90s.

You play as David who discovers a conspiracy involving a mega-corporation and must face armed agents, in combat or by using subterfuge. Divide is a dungeon crawler that blends combat mechanics with a compelling story. Gravity Rush 2 refines and expands the gameplay of the original. You play as Kat who is able to use a variety of gravity shifting powers to move through the sky. The new city has more destructible environments and a more reactive population. Day of the Tentacle Special Edition takes LucasArts’ 90s graphic adventure and gives it a complete HD overhaul. The development team used many of the original design assets so that the visuals remain faithful to the original.

It’s a humorous game where you time travel to various eras in the USA’s colonial past. The Tomorrow Children is a Soviet-themed sandbox title with community themes. You dig, you collect resources, you can develop your town. Your comrades will thank you for it. The developers of Trine have created a brand new game set in a gritty medieval province. In Shadwen you are an assassin on quest to kill the King. This stealth action adventure features a time mechanic, so you can stop mid-motion and rewind time to change your course of action. Music games like Rock Band have the player repeat a series of button presses to recreate a song.

Sentris is different. It’s a music puzzle game where you move sound blocks and choose instruments to create a song that is unique to you. Set in the fantasy world of Alefgard, in Dragon Quest Builders the player must gather materials to rebuild the land. Tinertia is a hardcore 2.5d puzzler with a cute aesthetic. Featuring twin-stick controls, you use a rocket launcher to power your rocket jumps and power Sonic-style speedruns. Highwire Games is a new development studio co-founded by Martin O’Donell, the composer genius composer behind the original Halo theme. And Jaime Griesemer, game designer on Halo and Destiny. Their first game is a PSVR exclusive, Golem. You play as a blind child who is able take control of stone golems and explore the abandoned city. It’s deliberately been created to be a transportative experience so that the player wearing the PSVR headset to play echoes the experience of the player character using the Golems to explore.

Golem has a strong pedigree behind it and could turn out to be a must-have VR experience. The Gauntlet dungeon crawler has been re-imagined for the iPhone generation. In Brutal you can play as Warrior, Ranger, Mage or Amazon in a procedurally generated world depicted entirely with ASCII symbols blended with a 3D visual style. The neon colours and circuit board map suggest a tip of the hat to movie, Tron. Weapon-crafting and Talisman forging will help you in the combat that is so raw, it’s [email protected] Stories The Hidden Path is an action-RPG set in a vibrant fairy-tale universe filled with floating islands, airships and colourful magic.

It features branching pathways that emulates Choose Your Own Adventure books decision making. Based on the anime series about humans who live behind huge walls to protect them from the giants who want to eat them; Attack on Titan is an action game that game revisits key moments from the first season as well as adding new quests. The visuals closely match the anime and the gameplay is a mix of frenetic combat. David Jaffe’s newest game is a third person shooter arena shooter with graphics in the style of the scribblings that might be found in a twisted teenager’s notebook. The game is fast, violent and also tactical. The Japanese sales success of Dragon Quest Heroes meant that a sequel was quickly greenlit. Dragon Quest Heroes 2: Twin Kings & Ending of the Prophecy is another action-orientated Musou game in the vein of Dynasty Warriors but with RPG gameplay.

Now you can change character class, gain skill points when you level up, use the new Tension Mode to build up and unleash a special attack and Battle the Red Balzack! Distance is survival racing for with a Tron-like styling. It fuses the action of arcade racing with exploration. Your car must survive a deadly and mysterious city by jumping, flying, and rotating. As well as a single-player adventure mode there is also a highly competitive multiplayer racing. Walking Simulator, What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington State. Each story offers a chance to experience the life of a different family member with stories ranging from the early 1900s to the present day.

You’ll follow Edith Finch as she explores the history of her family and tries to figure out why she’s the last Finch left alive. Street Fighter V launched earlier this year to a barrage of critical reviews because key single-player features were missing. What was universal was the praise for the beautiful graphics and fluid combat mechanics which are regarded as being best in industry. The game is receiving content updates every month and don’t be surprised to see a new-release version before Christmas. Yes it has a name designed to pickle your brain but Kingdom Hearts HD Final Chapter Prologue could be just what the doctor ordered for cynical gamers. It is a HD redux of Nintendo 3DS game Kingdom Heart Dream Drop Distance. An action role-playing-game that blends Disney characters with Final Fantasy in a user-friendly adventure. Night in the Woods is an exploration adventure game where you control anthropomorphic cat name Mae, who has dropped out of University and returned to her hometown to find some unexpected changes. You play by walking, talking and interacting. There is strong focus on characterisation and the game has many of the thematic elements included in movies where teens hang out together for a long night of self-discovery.

There is a delightfully transcendent soundtrack that reflects the mystical setting and yearning desires of the characters, the graphics styled like a kids’ bedtime story are the next level of cute. This is an little game with big potential to become your next indie favourite. 2016 is already a very exciting year for PlayStation 4 gamers. Whatever niche you’re into, you can be sure that there is something out there for you. It’s also worth taking a chance on genre you don’t always play as you may discover something wonderful! Thank you for watching. If you’ve enjoyed this video please hit the LIKE button and Share it with friends. And do subscribe so you never miss out on the latest videos. Cheers! 🙂 [Whispered] Venom.

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