Top 5 Android Puzzle Games! (2015)

Hi everyone, Gio here, and as promised and as promised we’re back to gaming. This time Top 5 Puzzle Games! 1010! is a Tetris-wannabe that delivers just one straight-forward, but nevertheless entertaining experience. The concept is still the same from the original russian game from 1984: you have to manipulate colored blocks to fill an entire row or column. As soon as you fill one, it disappears. Go out of space, and you lose the game.

However, differing from the original title, you dispose of three pieces at a time, and there are no time limits. Variety is close to nothing, but at least for me the game has really been fun. If you’ve tried its predecessor, Two Dots won’t disappoint. The mechanics of the game are still the same, but this time you’ll have to complete different tasks and configurations to go on with the levels. The graphics are overall more captivating, and I’m really loving the sound of this game. The gameplay is once again really basic: you can link dots both horizontally and vertically, plus some little extras that happen when you complete a square, but nothing more. The difficulty progresses together with the levels, but you’ll get some help here and there, so totally recommended to everyone. If you play this game and you constantly think about 2048, you’re not alone. However, I’ve found it actually more difficult than 2048: the point is to re-unite tiles that share the same number to make the next one, and repeat until you get ten. Here more than elsewhere you’ll probably regret bad decisions, as they tend to add up pretty fast.

Again, variability is close to none, but it’s an entertaining game if you need something quick. Think what you want about the graphics, but I love Flow. Let me explain how this works: in every scenario you have 5 or more couples of dots of the same color, and you have to link them while filling up the whole screen. Also, don’t cross the streams. *Ghost-Busters* The levels become pretty complex pretty soon, and the cool thing is you have literally tons of them. Besides the standard mode, you also have a Time Trial mode that is especially enjoyable once you’ve reached some level of expertise. At least for me, this game has revealed addicting, so be careful. This is probably the most original of the bunch. In every level you start with a single colored tile at the top-left corner, and you then have to conquer the whole setup with one color, using one at a time. Besides having different scenarios, you also have different modes like the Daily Challenge and the Multiplayer mode, both against the AI and a human counterpart. If I had to pick just one among these five, this would probably be it.

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