Top 25 Best Xbox One Single Player Games

25. Opening our list of Top 25 Xbox One Single Players is FIFA 17 Powered by the Frostbite Engine, witness one of the most popular sports game ever because this is EA’s most ambitious FIFA game to date. For the first time in the series, go into its single-player campaign. Take the role of Alex Hunter and experience his journey to become the best Football Player in the world. Your choices and skill will have consequences along the way. On top of that, EA’s efforts in the game’s visual design, realistic graphics and fluid physics movements make the game so mesmerizing. It has a PlayScore of 24.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard CAPCOM has successfully crafted modern survival horror while injecting their own formula in an outbreak so appealing, it brought back the franchise from the dead. Meet the lovely Baker Family and experience horror like never before. This is the first Resident Evil game to deviate from their regular Third-Person perspective. This time, it evolves into a terrifying and visceral first-person approach. Find your missing wife and explore dilapidated hallways and creepy mansions. Conserve ammo, solve door puzzles, micromanage your inventory and experience Resident Evil return to its original roots. Say hi to Grandma for me. It has a PlayScore of 23. Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition Blending deep customization, interactive environments, and tactical turn-based combat, Divinity Original Sin creates a unique and immersive RPG experience for role-playing enthusiasts. Dive into the land of Rivelon as a pair of Source hunters and rid its world of a dangerous magic force. Form strategies for defeating enemies, and experiment with ways to use the environment to your advantage. Throw lightning spells at water, and ignite oil barrels for an explosive finish.

Aside from full voiceovers and splitscreen co-op, it also offers new quests, game modes, and battle styles for dual wielding, wands, and grenades. Larian Studios managed to make an already great game even better, giving it an enhanced PlayScore of 22. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Microsoft’s award-winning sandbox game continues to redefine the future of educational gaming. Powered by creativity, use your unlimited imagination to create materials in a vast voxel-based world. Craft, explore, build and fight your way through the game’s various modes including the notable Survival and Creative. Solo adventurers would sink hours and hours of time into this open-ended wonder. But if players crave a company, they could always step into the game’s multiplayer mode to play with a friend. Want to know more? Just ask your little brother. The game has a PlayScore of 21. Battlefield 1 Don’t let the unchronological numbers confuse you.

This is DICE’s latest Battlefield game to date, and it’s brought the awe-inducing spectacles of the first world war. With their next-level graphics, Battlefield 1 was a benchmark for performance. Take cover under the misery grays of the trenches, and marvel at gorgeous maps that put you smack in the middle of the action. But don’t go watching for too long, or you might lose your head. Jump from perspectives in their six-chapter single-player campaign, or head right into their trademark multiplayer modes. Gather your squad and set the battlefield ablaze in Conquest, Domination, Rush, and more.

It has a PlayScore of 8.73. 20. NBA 2K16 When you’re at your best, improvement is a challenge. But, that’s not the case for Visual Concept’s basketball series. While it’s not the latest 2K release, this title continues to deliver a clean, fun, and polished NBA experience. 2k16 marked the return of MyTeam Mode where you create your very own team from scratch. Design your own jerseys, and face off with other teams online. While Spike Lee’s MyCareer Mode continues to be a divisive topic among their players, its impressive court action is enough to make up for it. Praised for its remarkable and realistic presentations, it receives a PlayScore of 8.74. 19. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition A refined version of what was an underwhelming third chapter, this ultimate edition was what brought Diablo III back into relevance. It brought back everything that made the franchise a success, culminating years of improvements into one ultimate experience. With the inclusion of the Reaper of Souls expansion, pick from their array of classes and relive the excitement of loot-collecting and skill-developing once more.

Enjoy 1080p resolutions and 60 frames per second as you slash through demonic beasts in deep and fiery dungeons. It’s a Diablo game like never before, and It has a PlayScore of 8.74. 18. Bastion Supergiant Games’ multi-award winning game takes the indie world by storm. Among their first entry, it exceeded everybody’s expectations due to its rich story, impressive art and a deep combat system. Face off hordes of monsters in its third-person action with the use of various weapons and guns. Narrated by a godly voice, step into the shoes of the “Kid” and make your way throughits desolated world after a mysterious “Calamity”. Restore the beauty of its former worlds by gathering ancient artifacts. It’s the game that totally started Supergiant’s success and it has a PlayScore of 17. Injustice 2 Engage in the biggest superhero fight in the history of the world. Watch how gods and men duel it out in fast and frenzied battles. This sequel to the hit fighting game adds more players to the arena such as Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd, Deadshot and more from DLC’s.

Watch how catastrophic their opinions differ and get caught in a spiral of morally gray philosophies. Story aside, its newest “Gear” feature expands the superhero fight into explosive proportions. It has a PlayScore of 16. Dragon Age: Inquisition Before BioWare went down the drain with their recent mishaps, there was their ultimate medieval fantasy RPG. Inquisition takes place after the first and second Dragon Age. You are burdened with great purpose as the Inquisitor. Lead your ragtag group of heroes to prevent a mysterious magical portal from taking over your world. The game’s expansive party system is improved. That means controlling each of them provides bigger bonuses when you engage in its real-time combat. For challenge-seekers, players can initiate its tactical mode to do things strategically. Rumor has it a new Dragon Age game is in the works. We hope it’s true.

Inquisition has a PlayScore of 15. Dark Souls III The latest from FromSoftware’s brutal third-person action adventure not only excels in terms of combat and visuals, it’s also a satisfying conclusion to the Souls Trilogy. Step inside its Gothic world filled with ugly beasts and unpredictable enemy movements. Use your trusty dodge-roll ability to counter every attack possible and make sure you’re always on your toes because it’s Dark Souls. Master the art of patience and witness the grim reality of its world. Their two massive DLC’s provided players more content and also tying the game’s numerous loose ends. The series may be over, but the game’s legacy lives on. It has a PlayScore of 14.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary with an emotional tribute video, Geralt of Rivia’s final quest won the hearts of many people. Find your missing daughter and save the world from the evil clutches of the Wild Hunt. Meet new and familiar faces in this epic open-world experience. Mix potions, craft items, cast signs and create runes in the game’s deep and rewarding RPG system to eviscerate monsters and kill humans. Awarded by many for being the best RPG ever created, The Witcher III Wild Hunt is a Guiness Book Record Holder for being the only game with so many awards.

It has a PlayScore of 13. Dishonored 2 The sequel to Arkane Studios’ first person stealth adventure game. This has always been the ultimate stealth action experience. Once again, step into the shoes of Corvo Attano as he gets caught in ANOTHER political conspiracy with her daughter Emily. Together, they vindicate themselves by taking vengeance to the people that wronged them. Use various abilities to complete your objective. Teleport, manipulate time, shapeshift or whatever. As long as you get the deed done. It has a PlayScore of 12. Forza Motorsport 6 The Forza series is one of the hallmarks of the racing genre, delivering a masterclass in each and every title.

But this title is definitely their shining gems, at least before 7’s most anticipated release. Arriving after the wake of Forza 5, it gave hope back to the doubters and brought the franchise back to the top of its game. Drive through a lineup of new tracks, along with a collection of shinier cars to drool over. Conquer the slippery slopes of rain-slicked roads, and drive through the paralyzing darkness of night racing. It has a PlayScore of 8.85. 11. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Returning with a horn on his head a lust for revenge, Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear game tells you a bloody tale of the man who sold the world. After the events of Peace Walker, follow his quest for bloody vengeance against the mysterious Skullface.

Its revolutionary emergent gameplay enables you to roam around three distinct open-world locations with your tactical espionage skills. Choose your style and decide between full-on stealth or bamboozling fun. It was met with critical praise despite its obvious lack of content. It’s as if Kojima literally takes the Phantom Pain to us. It receives a PlayScore of 10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Step into the shoes of the dragonborn in world divided by a looming civil war. Explore the vast kingdom of Skyrim in a quest to slay the dragon Alduin.

Or, put all that aside to explore its dizzying array of sid e-missions, faction quests, and general tomfoolery. Improve an intricate web of skills, mix potions, and smith weapons. This Special Edition contains all the DLC’s from the original game including revamped textures, lighting and improved shadows. It’s the true Dragonborn experience and Bethesda isn’t getting tired with all these Skyrim stuff. It has a PlayScore of 9. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Our favorite ninjas back on the arena.

The long-running anime and manga may hgave ended, but this final installment of the Ultimate Ninja series continues to show you the ninja way. Set in the Fourth Shinobi World War, explore a series of linear storylines and uncover the mystery behind the dark crevices of the ninja world. Engage yourself in an energetic skirmish in its 3D arena similar to its previous installments. There are a ton of new changes to this game including elemental damage, removal of combat styles and the addition of character swapping. Players can now switch characters mid-battle similar to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It has a PlayScore of 8. Ori And The Blind Forest Explore a magical, decaying forest and follow a tree spirit named Ori as he fights the very evils that haunt the land. In a gripping and emotional opening story, watch the essence of humanity crumble in the face of darkness. This adventure rekindles the dying flame of metroidvania games and it’s packed with visual splendor that sparkles from start to finish. This game is beautiful as it is heartbreaking.

It’s upcoming game, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is currently in development and we can’t wait for its surprises. Ori and the Blind Forest has a PlayScore of 7. Sonic Mania Follow our favorite blue hedgehog as he zips back to his old form in a throwback feature to his classic SEGA genesis ways. It’s time for Sonic and his friends to dash around their remastered pixel stages, and a handful of new ones to keep the game especially fresh for the new generations. With the same side scrolling platform fun, it’s something old and new fans will love. It’s something to sink our time into before the widely anticipated Sonic Forces. It has a PlayScore of 6. Grand Theft Auto V Explore the beautiful living city of Los Santos and let out all your social inhibitions because you can do almost anything in this world. Steal a bike? Shoot a civilian? Hire a hooker? Solve an Alien Conspiracy? You can have it all.

It’s the first of the series to feature multiple playable characters. Switch seamlessly between the lives of Trevor, Michael and Franklin and watch how their lives slowly crumble with their bad decisions. There’s not much explaining when you’re talking about one of the bestselling games in the world. It has a PlayScore of 5. Titanfall 2 Respawn Entertainment’s colossal franchise lets you strap that futuristic gear and ready yourself into their massive battlefield. It definitely went up a notch compared to its original with its new enhancements and even better Mech Types. But the game’s biggest surprise is its single-player campaign. Dive into the life of a former operative fighting his way to survival with the help of his loyal Titan. It was praised for its writing and execution, calling it a nice segue to its exhilarating multiplayer action.

It has a PlayScore of 4. Rise Of The Tomb Raider With the success of her recent breakthrough on The Dragon’s Triangle, Lara returns to her spelunking with the pursuit of more knowledge This time, a mysterious organization lingers in the shadows and threatens Lara’s latest adventure to find the secret of immortality. Travel to the great Siberian wilderness and visit Gulags and Russian Watchtowers. Face-off with the land’s deadly wildlife and use Lara’s new crafting and stealth mechanics with ease.

Originally released as a Microsoft Exclusive, witness the ultimate power of their platform with the game’s jaw-dropping visuals. It has a PlayScore of 3. Forza Horizon 3 Microsoft’s front runner to the Racing Scene shines with bright lights in this third installment of the Horizon franchise. It is also the ninth entry to the overall Forza series. This open-world racing game is set in the beautiful Australian region. Bask in its gorgeous visuals as your start your driving adventure from the Australian sunshine to sunset. Its world is twice the size of its predecessors and it features over 350 cars. Critics praised this game for being dynamic and full of content that’s worthy of the price you paid. It has a PlayScore of 2. Fallout 4 Step outside the Vault and explore a vast wasteland filled with irradiated shenanigans.

Travel to decaying fields, Ghoul-infested cities and abandoned laboratories to meet friends, enemies or friends disguised as enemies. The game’s notable addition is its Base-Building. You can create settlements for your newfound friends and let them create a community to produce resources. Aside from that, it’s first person shooting elements are improved. It puts so much focus on the action instead of strategically killing enemies using the VATS system. Just recently they announced a VR version of the game that’s coming out soon.

Are we ever gonna get a new Fallout? This game has a PlayScore of 1. And the best Single Player Game on the Xbox One is none other than PlayDead’s INSIDE From the creators of LIMBO, INSIDE is a 2.5D sidescrolling platformer with intense and eerie atmosphere. Control a boy as he plunges himself into a mysterious dystopian world filled with unsettling conformity, strange creatures and a weird ending. Similar to its previous game, players solve various puzzles to continue on to the next checkpoint. Players will also die again and again in order to solve its myriad of puzzles. There’s a new gameplay mechanic that lets the player control other characters to crack the game’s riddles. A marvel of a game. It is praised for its odd story as well as the excellent puzzle-platforming. It does have a fair share of criticisms, mainly around its short game time.

Nonetheless, it dominated our list of Single Player Xbox One games with a PlayScore of 9.48.

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